Looking To Element Quality In ANSYS® Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

ANSYS® Mesher provides some kinds of tools to assess the obtained mesh elements in Mesh Metric options. You can assess your mesh structures that are created, and you can do some kinds of changes to these mesh structures according to these metrics. In this article we will explain and show;

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  • What is ‘Element Quality’ in ANSYS® Mesher?
  • How To See ‘Element Quality’ of a mesh structure in ANSYS® Mesher?

Element Quality Mesh Metric In ANSYS® Mesher

Select the ‘Element Quality’ from ‘Mesh Metric’.

To see the ‘Element Quality’ of the obtained mesh structure, click on the ‘Mesh’ tab as in the green box then select the ‘Element Quality’ as shown by the green arrow above from the ‘Mesh Metric’ option inside the Statistics tab.

You can see the graph of the ‘Element Quality’ mesh metric in ANSYS® Mesher.

After selecting the ‘Element Quality’ option, you can see the minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation of the element qualities of mesh elements as shown in the red box above. Also, there is a chart that will be appeared to see the dispersion of element quality values in several mesh elements for different mesh element types in ANSYS® Mesher.

According to the ANSYS® Meshing User’s Guide, ‘Element Quality’ of mesh structure calculated as below;

Element Quality calculation for 2D mesh elements in ANSYS® Meshing.

As you can see from the above equation, the ‘Element Quality’ is calculated like that for 2D elements individually. As you understand that the element quality depends on the area 2D mesh and the total edge length of the 2D mesh structure in ANSYS® Meshing.

Element Quality calculation for 3D mesh elements in ANSYS® Meshing.

This element quality equation is valid for 3D meshing elements in ANSYS® Meshing. The parameters are the same for 2D and 3D mesh elements; volume and edge length. But the element quality equation changes drastically in ANSYS® Meshing.

Value of ‘C’ according to the element type in element quality equations.

Also, there is a parameter called ‘C’ in the element quality equations that changes according to the element types. The table above is showing the values of ‘C’ according to the given element types.


The general information about ‘Element Quality’ can be summarized as above. You can leave your questions and comments below about ‘Element Quality in ANSYS® Meshing’.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used in for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

Image Source: ANSYS® Meshing User’s Guide


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  1. Bing Yi Avatar

    The edge length, does it refer to the total squares of all the edge lengths of the overall 3D CAD? Or is it inclusive of all the element edges after mesh?

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