Making Chamfers To 2D Sketches In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Chamfers are general applications of 3D geometries in manufacturing industry. So giving the required chamfer geometries or configurations to 3D geometries is very important for CAD. Solidworks provides making chamfers to 2D sketchies and giving chamfers to directly 3D geometries. In this article we will show you how to give chamfers to 2D skecthes in Solidworks.

How To Give Chamfers To 2D Geometries In Solidworks?

Click on the ‘Sketch Chamfer’ command in Solidworks.

To create chamfers in 2D sketches in Solidworks, click on little pop up menu as shown by green arrow the click on the ‘Sketch Chamfer’ command as shown in red box above. You can enter the ‘Sketch Chamfer’ command if you inside a sketching as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks. Otherwise, the command willbi inactive.

Two ways of drawing chamfers in Solidworks.

There are two ways of drawing chamfers in Solidworks as shown in red box above; Angle-distance and Distance-distance.

Angle-distance chamfer in Solidworks.

If you select the Angle-distance option for Sketch Chamfer in Solidworks, you enter a chamfer distance value and chamfer angle value for it. The distance of the chamfer will defined as shown by red arrow above and the angle is defined as the green arrow. So other edge distance of chamfer is defined by the angle in Solidworks.

Distance-distance option for Sketch Chamfer command in Solidworks.

In the distance-distance option in Sketch Chamfer, you simply enter the distance values of two edges of the chamfer as shown by red and green arrows above.

Select the edges to chamfer in Solidlworks.

So do not forget that, the first selected edge in chamfer command will be affected by the first entered parameter as shown by red arrow, then the second selected edge will be affected by the seconf parameter that you entered as shown by green arrown above. It is valid for either distance-distance and angle-distance chamfering methods.

Chamfered 2D geometry in Solidworks.

So chamfering of the 2D geometries in Solidworks with ‘Sketch Chamfer’ command is very easy like that.

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