Making Fillets To 2D Sketches In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Giving radiusses to the objects in CAD is very common and in the manufacturing phase of these objects, the fillets must be specified. In Solidworks, you can make fillets either in 2D skecthing or 3D design phase. In this article we will show how to make fillets to 2D geometries in Solidworks.

How To Fillet 2D Geometries In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Sketch Fillet’ command in Solidworks.

So we inside a 2D sketch in Solidworks. To use the ‘Sketch Fillet’, you need to inside a skecthing in Solidworks like above. We will give fillets to the rectangle above as shown by green arrow above. So click on the ‘Sketch Fillet’ command as shown by red arrow above.

Define the sketch fillet radius in Solidworks.

After entering into the Sketch Fillet command in Solidworks, define the fillet radius as shown by red arrow above.

Select the corners to fillet in Solidworks.

You need to select the related edges in red box region,  the each corners as shown by red arrows above to give fillets to the 2D geometries in Solidworks. The preview is shown like above.

Click on little yes button to complete the filleting operation in Solidworks.

You can click on the little yes button as shown by red arrow above to complete the filleting operation in Solidworks.

The filleted 2D geometric sketch in Solidworks.

You can see the constraints above at the corners. These constraints are appeared with the option of ‘Keep constrained corners’ at the left side of the Solidworks drawing screen.

So it is very basic to obtain 2D fillets in Solidworks.

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