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Inertia calculations are very important aspects of classical mechanics and engineering. Also, inertial calculations are not hard things if you think about other engineering calculations. But, the calculation of complex inertial systems can give a heavy burden to an engineer, who does these kinds of things by hand. 

Here, we prepared a calculator that you can calculate the mass moment of inertia of your systems. Also, we explained the theoretical base of mass moment of inertia, for the users of this calculator. 

How To Use Mass Moment Of Inertia Calculator? 


It is actually very simple to use calculator. You just need to enter the number of masses that you want to include in the mass moment of inertia calculation. Hit the ‘Enter’ key to go on calculation. 

After this, the program will ask you the mass and distance of this mass to the rotation axis. Because each mass must rotate around the same axis to calculate the cumulation of mass moment of inertia. The program will ask you this information as much as you entered the number of masses. 

Click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the mass moment of inertia of the complete system. 

What Is Mass Moment Of Inertia?

Mass that rotates around an axis(Image

Actually, the mass moment of inertial is a very important value that must be calculated to be used in other engineering calculations. The moment of inertia of a mass in space is the multiplication of the mass of it with the square of the distance of this mass to the axis of rotation. 

If you must calculate the moment of inertia of a complex mass, you can divide this complex shape into more basic geometrical shapes to calculate the whole system. 

These sub-shapes are independent masses and you can calculate the moment of inertia of all these shapes with this calculator to find the moment of inertia of all the systems. 


As you understand, mass moment inertia is a very important aspect of engineering. 

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