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Mechanicalland is a very introductive website to learn and improve Matlab® skills. But if you are a new starter to Matlab®, there is a DVD set that you can get from Amazon in a very cheap way!

Some of the learners of Matlab® can learn much more easily by watching videos and making applications and exercises by following these videos. And yes, there are lots of kinds of free video tutorials out there to start to learn Matlab®. But these tutorials are generally given information up to a certain level. After that level, you need to pay this person or institution to learn all the aspects of Matlab®.

YouTube has also tons of videos about learning Matlab® for new starters. But, it is very hard to find comprehensive Matlab® video tutorials to learn all the details and aspects of Matlab® from most basic to advanced. The situation is also valid for the YouTube Matlab® tutorials that we indicated in the previous paragraph.

But we strongly recommend you this DVD set to start to learn Matlab® essentials from very basics to advanced levels. 

Detailed Information About This Matlab® DVD Tutorial Set

Matlab Essential Skills – Video Tutorial [DVD]

If you are interested in this Matlab tutorial set, click on the ‘Shop Now’ button, or the link below the button to take a look at this on Amazon!

Before starting to explain this Matlab® DVD Tutorial Set, we should point out that you need to have Matlab® software. If you are an academic or student of an institution, you can get the free version of Matlab® to learn. 

This Matlab® DVD tutorial set includes 7 hours of videos. These videos include various kinds of topics about calculus, algebra, graphing, etc. There are tons of kinds of tools in Matlab® to make mathematical calculations. Also, these calculations are supported with instructive practical applications.

As an engineer, I need to state that nearly all the engineering disciplines include algebraic and mathematical calculations. Matlab® commands and tools are very useful to make these calculations on your computer. Also, as a professional, you need to illustrate the outcomes of your calculations to others to understand. Matlab® includes tons of tools for these illustrations and graphing.

What You Get After Taking This Matlab® Video DVD Course?

After completing this Matlab® essentials DVD course, you will be able to work with advanced topics of your engineering field in Matlab®. For example, mechanical engineers can make strength calculations of structures by using mathematical functions of Matlab® and illustrate the results of these calculations.

3D graphing of functions in Matlab ® .

What Does Matlab® DVD Tutorial Set Includes?

The Matlab® DVD tutorial set starts with the introduction of the Matlab interface. In the first look, you can feel confused about this complex interface. But this Matlab ® DVD set teaches you the Matlab interface on is very detailed basis.

After the Matlab® interface, the tutorial continues with the very basic mathematical and arithmetic calculations in Matlab®. Do not forget that, Matlab® is a calculator!

Learning Symbolic Variables

In mathematics and algebra, working with variables and symbolic variables is very important. To calculate complex or basic equations in Matlab®, you need to be able to use or create these variables in the Matlab® environment. The third main topic of this Matlab® tutorial is working with variables effectively in Matlab®. 

Mathematical Functions In Matlab®

Matlab® also includes very useful functions to calculate basic mathematical operations such are factorials, Square Roots, and Nth Roots, etc. The fourth section of this Matlab® tutorial includes the introduction of these functions and how to use them with examples.

Complex numbers are also a very important topic in both algebra and mathematics. Matlab® also has very useful tools for complex numbers.

Vectors And Matrices

The most important aspect of Matlab® is working with vectors and matrices. Because it makes it easier for all the calculations to include different kinds of values. The sixth and seventh sections of the Matlab® DVD course include working with the matrices and vectors effectively in Matlab®.

Calculus And Algebraic Calculations In Matlab®

After learning Matlab® up to this point, you can start to learn some advanced topics of algebra and calculus. the eighth and ninth topics of this Matlab® tutorial are the advanced topics to make algebraic and calculus calculations in Matlab® with practical examples. 

Graphhing techiques of Riemann integral in Matlab®

Graphing And Illustration Techniques In Matlab®

As we stated above, illustration techniques are also very important in Matlab®. The tenth section of the Matlab® DVD tutorial includes graphing and illustration techniques. 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends this Matlab® video tutorial to make a very good start with Matlab®.
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