Maximum Corner Angle Mesh Metric In ANSYS® Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

Mesh metrics are frequently used to assess the mesh structures in ANSYS® meshing. There are some kinds of mesh metric options to assess the different features of mesh structures. One of these mesh metrics in ANSYS® meshing is ‘Maximum Corner Angle’. In this article we will explain;

  • What is ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ in ANSYS® Meshing?
  • How the ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ mesh metric is applied in ANSYS®?

What Is ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ Mesh Metric In ANSYS®?

Select the ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ from mesh metric in ANSYS®.

To adjust the mesh metric to ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ in ANSYS® Meshing, click on the ‘Mesh’ section inside the red box above then select the ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ as shown by the red arrow from pop up ‘Mesh Metric’ menu in the Quality.

Numerical values about ‘Maximum Corner Angle’ in ANSYS® mesh metric.

After selecting the ‘Mesh Metric’ as ‘Maximum Corner Angle’, you can see the minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation values of maximum corner angles of meshing elements. Also, you can see the dispersion of various maximum corner angle values around the mesh elements as a chart in ANSYS®.

The logic of maximum corner angle for a mesh structure or mesh elements is very basic. It defines the biggest angle value inside the geometrical shape that is created as a mesh structure in ANSYS®. You can understand the logic with the below examples taken from ANSYS® Meshing User’s Guide.

Maximum corner angles for triangular mesh elements in ANSYS®.

As you can see above that the prefect triangular meh structures can be achieved with a maximum corner angle value of 60 degrees. When it approaches 180 degrees, mesh quality and calculations get worse.

Maximum corner angles for quadrilateral mesh elements in ANSYS®.

The same logic is valid for quadrilateral mesh elements in ANSYS®. When the maximum corner angle is 90 degrees, the best mesh performance can be achieved.


So the smaller maximum corner angle value is better for mesh structure in ANSYS®. The logic of the maximum corner angle mesh metric in ANSYS® can be explained above.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used in education and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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