Maximum, Minimum Principal Stress And Angle Of Principle Stress Element Calculator

Maximum Principal Stress


Minimum Principal Stress


Ф = Angle Of Principal Stress Plane


How To Use?

The usage is very basic actually. But you need to take care about your units. All the units are entered inside the little brackets must be same. If you have suspicions about your units, you can use our unit conversion tool for it. To use this calculator, you need to have the values of;

  • Normal stress value in X axis from your problem(Σx:),
  • Normal stress value in Y axis from your problem(Σy):,
  • And Shear stress value from the problem(Txy).

Enter these values to the required places on above calculator then click on ‘Calculate!’ button to see the required result. If you want to do calculation again, click on ‘Reset’ button then type your values again then click ‘Calculate!’.

Also the directions of your stress values are very important. If you do not consider the directions of your stress values that you entered above, all the values miscalculated. Direction assumptions for normal stresses is up to you, and probably a coordinate system is defined in your problem. But we can give a trick about the direction of your shear stress value as below;

Shear Stress direction.

Principal stress values are frequently used in classical mechanics. In strength calculations of machine elements, materials and in lots of other strength calculations, principal stresses are used. So this Principal Stress Calculator can be very big assistant to you to calculate the maximum, minimum principle stresses and the angle of principal plane of them.

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