Maximum Shear Stress Calculator For I-Beams

I-beam cross-sectional shapes are very common shapes in engineering structures. Also, there are lots of calculations are carried out for I-beams. In structural design, shear stresses are very important. 

Engineers generally calculate the biggest shear stresses that occur on structural elements. So in here, you can find out information about the maximum shear stresses on I-beam cross-sections and the calculator of it. 

How To Use Maximum Shear Stress Calculator For I-Beams?

An example illustrative I-beam cross-section(Image Source:D. K. Singh – Strength of Materials-Springer, 2020, pg.233).

You can see a typical I-beam cross-section. There are dimensional definitions on this cross-section. There can be shear stresses on this cross-section because of the shear force application vertically on that beam cross-section. 

Say ‘F’ for this shear force. Then you can use the calculator below to calculate the maximum shear stress on your I-Beam. 

First of all, you need to calculate the area moment of inertia of this I-cross section. After this calculation, you can use the calculator below to calculate maximum shear stress;

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To use this calculator, enter the required values inside the brackets. Then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the maximum shear stress. If you want to make another calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button then re-enter all values. 

Enter the ‘d’ and ‘D’ values as shown by the illustration above. ‘F’ is the shear force and ‘I’ is the area moment of inertia of the I cross-section. 

Please take care of the units. You need to use consistent sets of units to obtain correct results from this calculator. 

When you calculate the maximum shear stresses on your I-beam, you need to compare this result with the maximum allowable stress value of your material. Also, you need to consider the safety factor. 


Calculation of maximum shear stresses on the I-beam is very simple like that. 

Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

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