Maximum Shear Stress Safety Tool In ANSYS® Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

It is another safety tool option in ANSYS® Mechanical like Maximum Equivalent Stress. This is a very useful tool to assess the shear stresses in your application. Also, you can assess the fatigue loadings in notches, fillets, etc. which will act as stress risers. But maximum shear stress theory is used for ductile materials, if the fatigue loading in stress riser sections is not the main concern, you do not need to take into consideration these stress raisers. In these situations, failure occurs from a complete cross-section, not from little stress riser zones in ductile materials. Here, we will show you the general formulae that are used to calculate maximum shear stress options and how to adjust the Maximum Shear Stress Safety Tool in ANSYS® Mechanical.

What Are The General Formulae For Maximum Shear Stress Tool In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Three options for maximum shear stress tool in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Fs: Safety Factor
Ms: Safety Margin
f: Shear strength fraction for yield or ultimate strength. Generally 0.5 for general applications.
Slimit: Limit strength value for the selected material.
Tmax: Maximum shear stress
As you see above, you can use these options for maximum shear stress calculations in ANSYS® Mechanical.

How To Use Maximum Shear Stress Calculations In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Maximum shear stress in ANSYS® Mechanical.

For example, you defined all of your boundary conditions for your problem in ANSYS® Mechanical like above. To see ‘Max. Shear Stress’, right-click on ‘Solution’ then hover your mouse on the ‘Insert’ option, then do the same thing for ‘Stress Tool’ as shown by red arrows above. Then select ‘Max. Shear Stress’ as shown in the red box above in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Select a calculation method for Maximum Shear Stress.

As you see above, you can select one of three options that we stated above. You just need to right-click on ‘Stress Tool’ after adding ‘Max Shear Stress’. Then hover your mouse on the ‘Stress Tool’ option. Then select a method.


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