Measuring Distances Between Points In Solidworks

In phase of 3D design in Solidworks, sometimes you need to measure the distance between two points that is not defined before. Doing this in Solidworks is very simple actually. In here, we will explain how to measure the distance between two points in Solidworks with ‘Measure’ command.

How To Use ‘Measure’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Measure’ command in Solidworks.

For example we want to measure the destance between centers of these two cylinders as shown by red arrows in Solidworks. To do it, just click on ‘Measure’ command from ‘Evaluate’ ribbon var menu as shown by green arrow above.

After clicking on ‘Measure’ command, you can select the measurement options as shown in green box above.

  • Center to Center: If you select this option, center to center distance measurement will be shown as above. Distance at ‘X’ axis and distance at ‘Y’ axis are shown individually at geometry window.
  • Maximum Distance: If you also select this option, maximum distance between selected features will be calculated just like previous one.
  • Minimum Distance: Has same logic with ‘Maximum Distance’ one.
Custom distance in Solidworks.

Also you can adjust ‘Custom Distance’ between selected objects in Solidworks. You can select the first feature’s option such as Max, Min and Center. You can do this for second selection to measure distance between them in Solidworks.

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The use of ‘Measure’ command in Solidworks is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about measuring distances in Solidworks with ‘Measure’ command. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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