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Engineering is a very important practice that is rooted in calculations. Real-world problems are designed and calculated by engineers. Different computer software and useful calculators can be very big companions for engineers. creates and publishes engineering calculators mainly in mechanical engineering. You can find different kinds of engineering calculators related to different kinds of topics and disciplines. 

Which Types of Engineering Calculators That We Have? 

In general, provides engineering calculators for the mechanical design of fundamental mechanical elements. 

Fundamental Calculators for Classical Mechanics

These calculators and calculations are generally used in each kind of discipline of mechanical engineering. These calculators can be a very big companion for a design engineer. 

  • The Center of gravity is a very important variable in most engineering calculations. Calculations get much easier with the calculation of the center of gravities and thinking of them as point-masses by considering their inertia. provides a useful calculator to calculate the center of gravities of multiple masses at different points. 
  • As we stated above, in most engineering calculations, inertias of masses are also a very important parameter. You can use this calculator to calculate the moment of inertia of masses. 
  • Moment, velocity, and power calculations may seem to vary in basic calculations compared with other complex engineering topics. But in general, you need to calculate these basic things lots of times in complex projects. If you have a useful calculator to do it effectively, you will save lots of time.
  • Mass, volume, and density can also seem very basic like moment, velocity, and power calculations. But, these are often used multiple times in complex calculations. You can use the mass, volume, and density calculator to overcome this situation.

Strength of Materials Calculators

In the strength of materials and basic mechanics, calculations of forces, and stresses on mechanical elements are very important. 

Manufacturing Process Calculations

Before manufacturing specific parts from specific materials, you need to calculate the required parameters to obtain desired shapes and desired products. According to the material and manufacturing processes, deep calculations can be required. 

  • Plastic injection processes are widely used to produce commercial products from polymer materials. You can use the calculator to design a plastic injection process for specific plastic products. 
  • Blow molding is also a very important production process. Use the blow molding process design calculator to design your process.
  • Closed-die and open-die forging operations are used to produce heavy metal parts for different kinds of applications such as structural parts of buildings. Use the calculator to design closed-die and open-die forging processes. 


Engineers use calculators. And produces and improves these calculators every day! All the calculators are updated and dependent on reliable sources. In later times, editors will continue to produce engineering calculators on different engineering topics! 

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