Metal Ring Rolling Processes; Products, Advantages…

Metal Ring Rolling Processes; Products, Advantages…

There are various kinds of metal forming processes available in the metal industry. One of these processes is the ring rolling process. Here you can find information about the general characteristics of ring rolling processes and the products and advantages of the ring rolling processes. 

What Is The Ring Rolling Process?

Ring rolling illustration(Image

As you understand from its name, ring-shaped metal parts are processed in ring rolling processes. In ring rolling, the thicker and smaller diameter of metal rings is rolled into bigger diameter and thinner parts. In general, the ring rolling process is applied as hot for the bigger rings and cold for the smaller rings. 

The cross-section of the ring is not limited to only a rectangular cross-section. Various kinds of cross-sections can be produced with the ring rolling process.

Parts of rotating types of machinery such as roller and ball bearings, pipe rings, rings for pressure vessels, railroad wheels are examples of the products in ring rolling processes.

The general advantage of the ring rolling process while production of the products like above, less material loss and very good grain orientation for the physical characteristics of the produced part. If this process is applied in a cold environment, strength enhancement due to the strain hardening is another plus of this process.


These are the general characteristics of the ring rolling processes.

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