Metal Roll Piercing Processes; Explanation, Products…

For different kinds of metal products, different kinds of metal forming processes are developed. One of these processes is the metal roll piercing process. It has a very different physical characteristic to produce intended shapes. Here you can find brief information about the metal roll piercing processes. 

How The Metal Roll Piercing Process Is Applied?

Illustration of the metal roll piercing process(Image

As we stated above, it has a slightly different principle to obtain hollow metal parts. In the roll piercing process, two rotating rolls are opposed to each other. And they placed at a certain angle to provide the metal cylinder moving on. 

Rolls are applying compressive forces to the advancing cylinder. This compressive force initiates a crack in the center of the cylinder. Because of this crack, a hollow shape is obtained. 

There is a mandrel at the other side of the rolls to control the dimension and finish of the obtained hole in the cylinder. 

In seamless tube production from metals, this roll piercing process is one of the most used processes.


This is the general information about the metal roll piercing processes.

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