Mirroring Parts In Solidworks – Illustrated Explanation

In this article, we will show the mirror geometries, and features in Solidworks using planes or faces. This operation is very basic to do. So, if you follow the steps below, you can learn how to use the Mirror command.

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How to Use Mirror Command in Solidworks?

To mirror parts and features in Solidworks, you need to click on the pop-up menu as shown by the red arrow above, then click on the this command as shown in the red box.

Merge Solids: Created solids will be merged if solids have an intersection between them in Solidworks.

Knit Surfaces: If faces that are mirrored have intersections between them, you can unite them by selecting this in the Mirror command.

Also, these options are very useful in the Solidworks Mirror command. According to the intersections between the solids, you can adjust these options.

After entering the Mirror command, select the plane or face to yo use as a mirror-like red arrow above. Then select features to mirror as shown by the green arrow. Also, you can select faces or bodies to mirror from the green box region in the Mirror command.

As you see above, you can mirror different types of features such as faces, edges, etc. This feature provides a very useful thing. For example, you created a hole in a feature. So, you can mirror this hole in the same geometry.

And then, if you complete the adjustments or options of the Mirror command, click on the little yes button as shown by the green arrow above to close from the Mirror command.

So, the result of the example Mirror operation in Solidworks. Mirror operation in Solidworks is easy like that.


The Mirror command in Solidworks is very extensive if we compare it with other CAD software. Because you can mirror both the features and 3D geometries effectively.

So, the use of the Mirror command is very simple.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about mirroring entities in Solidworks.

NOTE: We use all the screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.

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