Mirroring 2D Sketches In SolidWorks Skething(Illustrated Expression)

Mirroring of 2D sketches in Solidworks is very easy. It is not complex like other CAD programs. In this article we will explain the use of ‘Mirror Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching with a very basic example in illustrated basis.

How To Use ‘Mirror Entities’ Command In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on ‘Mirror Entities’ command in Solidworks.

To use ‘Mirror Entities’ command, you need to be inside a active sketching as above in Solidworks. For example we want to mirroe the rectangle about about the line that shown by red arrow above. To do it, click on ‘Mirror Entities’ command as shown by green arrow above.

Select the required entities to mirror with ‘Mirror Entities’ command.

To mirror the given rectangle, click to select the instances to be mirrored as shown by red arrows above. Then select the mirror line as shown by green arrow above. The preview of mirrored sketch will be shown but if you select the ‘Copy’ option shown in green box above, the main geometry will not be deleted. Otherwise the main sketch will be deleted and the mirrored sketch will appear only.

To complete the sketch mirroring operation in with ‘Mirror Entities’ command in Solidworks, click on litttle green yes icon on right-top side.

Mirrored sketch entities in Solidwork sketching with ‘Mirror Entities’ command.

As you see above the use of ‘Mirror Entities’ command is very basic in Solidworks sketching. If you wish in comments below, we can share much more complex examples about ‘Mirror Entities’ command.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about ‘Mirroe Entities’ command in Solidworks!


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