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In concerts, big outdoor meetings, and events, very big and useful trailers are used. On these trailers, generally, very big LEDs are placed. If you noticed in a concert, ver big LEDs are used to show the concert events much bigger to people that watching the concert from afar. These big LED screens are placed on big trailers which are movable to different places with a basic tractor. These tractors may be a basic SUV car or a truck. 

For big meetings with a spokesperson, trucks and trailers are generally used together. And this system is carried to where the meetings will be set respectively. 

MOBO Trailer company produces these meeting and concert trailers and if you need a solution that is explained above, you can contact MOBO Trailer. 

MOBO LED Trailer Manufacturer

According to your needs, different kinds and sizes of LED trailers are produced and supplied by MOBO Trailer. Let’s check these types of trailers. 

MB-5 LED Display Trailer

This is the smallest LED trailer that is produced by MOBO Trailer that comes with a 5-meter square LED screen. The LED screen can be lifted and rotated with a hydraulic mechanism. The pixel of the screen is small to serve better HQ videos and images. This display trailer can be towed with an SUV or car easily wherever you want. 

MB-10 LED Screen Trailer

This is the 10 meters square choice of LED screens offered by MOBO Trailer. The trailer has 2 axles to carry an LED screen which is best for your different outdoor applications. This 2 axle design provides better and safer carriage of the LED screen trailer. This 10 square meters of LED screen is continued with two seamless splices of screens. The aspect ratio is adjusted as 16:9 to play a common form of videos. Also, a very basic rotating and lifting mechanism is used for this trailer. 

MB-12 Mobile LED Trailer

As you understand that, MB-12 Mobile Led Trailer is the 12-meter square LED screen choice of the MOBO Trailer. It can be used in parks, temples, exhibition centers, and short-distance applications. The two axles are placed on both ends of the trailer which provides safer transfer of this bigger LED screen system. 

MB-16 LED Billboard Trailer

In the 16-meter squares choice LED screen billboard trailer that is manufactured by MOBO Trailer, HD visual sensory experience is included. This size of billboard trailer is generally used for movie shows, concerts, and sports broadcasts. Also, 3500 kgs of trailer chassis have a hydraulic rotating and lifting system. MB-16 LED Billboard Trailer is best for high-end outdoor events. 

MB-22 LED Sign Trailer

22-meter squares of LED display is placed on an enclosed trailer which also includes light-duty material with a larger screen. The LED screen can be enclosed in the trailer which provides safe transfer of large LED screen. Also, a hydraulic system is built for this MB-22 Sign Trailer like other ones. 

MB-32 LED Wall Trailer

MB-32 LED Wall Trailer is the biggest choice that MOBO Trailer manufactures. It has a 32-meter square LED screen which is very suitable for big outdoor concerts and meetings. The diesel generator set is mounted on the system which is very silent while providing the required energy to the system. The hydraulic remote controller gives great flexibility to this system to set it for different areas and events. 

Contact With MOBO Trailer!

You can visit the MOBO Trailer website to see all the detailed information about each product. You can contact the MOBOR Trailer experts to discuss your needs and prices! 


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