Most Used Textbooks About Heat Transfer In Engineering!

Heat transfer is a very important discipline especially in mechanical engineering that deals with the system’s heat specifications and changes because of the heat characteristics of an engineering system. Heat transfer must be treated professionally because materials are very sensitive to heat. 

Why Heat Transfer Is Important?

Heat transfer is very important because lots of engineering systems depend on heat characteristics. For instance, heat is very important in internal combustion engines. Your engine design must have specific heat characteristics to obtain optimum design and optimum working characteristics. 

Gas turbines are another important example that heat transfer analyses are used effectively. The combustion chamber of gas turbines includes very high temperatures, and because of these temperatures, very strict calculations must be made to obtain the required geometry from required materials. 

As you understand that, you need to use heat transfer with other engineering disciplines. Every engineer must know heat transfer disciplines and calculations. 

Mechanicalland always makes the most detailed market surveys to obtain the best price/performance products for its users. As engineers, we surveyed to find the most used heat transfer textbooks which you can make your guide while you are dealing with projects or in your educational life. 

What Are The Most Read And Used Heat Transfer Textbooks?

Let’s check the heat transfer books that we found for you! 

Gregory Nellis – Heat Transfer

This book is published by Cambridge University Press which is a renowned textbook publisher around the world. This heat transfer textbook is one of the most comprehensive heat transfer books compared with others. Besides the ordinary heat transfer subjects, advanced heat transfer topics are also explained. There are a bunch of advanced mathematics applications in heat transfer such as Bessel functions, Laplace transforms, separation of variables, Duhamel’s theorem, and complex combination, as well as high order explicit and implicit numerical integration algorithms, are explained with real-world examples. 

In general, these advanced calculus problems are solved with computational numerical analysis programs such as Matlab, Mapple, EES… There are lots of problems and practices that these software packages are used. 

According to us, this textbook is best for engineers dealing with complex projects includes heat transfer applications and calculations.

Heat Transfer

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Introduction To Heat Transfer By Wiley

As you know that Wiley is one of the most renowned engineering book publishers which makes the Introduction To Heat Transfer book is very special. 

This textbook is very good for students that willing to learn to solve heat transfer problems effectively and systemically. There are lots of real-world and engineering applications related to heat transfer to get used to heat transfer discipline at the engineering level. 

Introduction to Heat Transfer

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Schaum’s Outline of Heat Transfer

General engineering students know that Schaum’s outlines are very useful for examinations and learning the discipline more practically. Also, there is Schaum’s book that covers the heat transfer topic. It is very useful for students to pass their examinations while not dealing with burdensome details of heat transfer. 

There are 269 solved problems in this Schaum’s Outline Of Heat Transfer book that you can easily get used to solving heat transfer problems effectively. 

We do not recommend this book for professionals who are willing to deal with complex heat transfer projects. 

Schaum’s Outline of Heat Transfer, 2nd Edition (Schaum’s Outlines)

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Heat Transfer (McGraw-Hill Series In Mechanical Engineering) 

McGraw-Hill series of mechanical engineering may be the most used and utilized textbooks in mechanical engineering schools around the world. I remember that the McGraw series are used in different lessons such as Dynamics, Strength Of Materials, etc. 

Heat Transfer textbook is another mechanical engineering textbook that is included in McGraw-Hill Series In Mechanical Engineering. Because of that, the curriculum of heat transfer lessons in your school follows this book. 

Heat Transfer (Mcgraw-hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

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Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications By Yunus Cengel

In Turkey, Cengel’s books are the most used textbooks in engineering faculties; especially in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. I take my education in these disciplines with Cengel’s books and I learned my engineering abilities from these textbooks. Heat And Mass Transfer is a very special textbook around others for me. 

And I strongly recommend this book to get used to heat and mass transfer disciplines. 

Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications

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eTextbook, Used, Hardcover, And Paperback Versions Of Books In Amazon!

The prices of the textbooks on banners here could seem to be very expensive. But if you click and go to Amazon, you will see that there are other options such as eTextbook, Used, Hardcover, and Paperback.

In general, eTextbook and used versions of books are much cheaper than the hardcover and paperback versions. You can open the eTextbook version from your computer, smartphone, or other devices to look inside the book. 

Used versions are sold by other users at much cheaper prices. They are generally in a good condition. All the versions are refundable on Amazon! 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends one of these Heat Transfer books for beginners, students, or professionals. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the heat transfer books!


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