Moving Curves And Sketches In Siemens NX

Moving curves and sketches in Siemens NX® is a very easy process with the ‘Move Curve’ command. You can move your sketch entities according to selected reference and reference points, which makes moving sketch objects is very effective. Here, we explain how to move curves and sketches in Siemens NX® effectively with the ‘Move Curve’ command, with a very basic example below.

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How To Use ‘Move Curve’ Command In Siemens NX®?

Click on the ‘Move Curve’ command in Siemens NX®.

To use the ‘Move Curve’ command in Siemens NX® sketching, you need to be inside an active sketch, or if you want to move a set of curves of sketches, you need to open their sketch-like above.

Click on the ‘Move Curve’ command as shown by the red arrow above then select the curve set or sketches that you want to move as shown by the red box above. Then select a distance direction as shown by the green arrow that selected curves will be moved with referenced on it. And select a pivot point for it as shown by the blue arrow.


As you see, you can enter a distance and angle value as shown in the blue box above. Or you can move your sketch set with your mouse, by dragging them.

Moved curves and sketch sets in Siemens NX® sketching.

As you see the above curve is turned and moved with entered distance and angle values, according to the reference distance curve with the ‘Move Curve’ command.


The use of the ‘Move Curve’ command is very simple like above in Siemens NX® sketching. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about moving curves with the ‘Move Curve’ command in Siemens NX®.

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