Moving Sketch Entities In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

There is a Move command in Solidworks for 3D features and geometries. But also there is a command for moving the 2D sketching entities in Solidworks called ‘Move Entities’ at sketch tab. In this article we will explain how to use this ‘Move Entities’ command with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Move Entities’ Command In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on ‘Move Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching.

To use this command in Solidworks, you need to inside an active sketch that the object needed to be moved inside that. For example we need to move the little circle sketch entity as shown by green arrow above. To do it, click on ‘Move Entities’ command in green box.

Move your sketch with ‘Move Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching.

After entering into the ‘Move Entities’ command, select the entities to move as shown by green arrow above.

There is two types of moving option in ‘Move Entities’ command. If you select ‘From/To’ as shown by red arrow above, you need to specify the picking point as shown by blue arrow. You can leave your object with your picking point to an another locations as shown by second blue arrow above in Solidworks sketching.

Select ‘X/Y’ option for ‘Move Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching.

The second method for moving sketch entities in Solidworks is the ‘X/Y’ option as shown by red arrow above. In this method, you just need to enter the displacement values for X and Y coordinates as in green box. Selected object is shown by blue arrow and the object that is moved is shown by green arrow.

To complete the moving of the sketch entities with ‘Move Entities’ command, click on little green yes button as shown by orange arrow.

The use of ‘Move Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching to move sketches is easy like that. Leave your comments and questions below about ‘Move Entities’ command in Solidworks!


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