Multiplication With prod() Command In MatLab

We explained how to calculate factorials with ‘factorial()’ command in Matlab. But with ‘factorial()’ command, you can only calculate factorials. You could not calculate the multiplacations includes regular numbers in fixed intervals. You can do this kind of thing with ‘prod()’ command in MatLab. In here, we explain how to use this command to calculate different multiplications in MatLab.

How To Use ‘prod()’ Command In MatLab?

>> a = prod(1:0.2:3)
b = prod(1:8)
c = prod(1:2:20)

a =


b =


c =


You can see the very basic usage of ‘prod()’ command in Matlab Command Window. We gave three of examples about ‘prod()’ command.

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In first one, we calculated the multiplacation of integers and decimals between 1 and 3, that increases by the value of 0.2, from 1 to 3. You can see the result as ‘a’ variable above.

Also you can calculate the numbers between two integers like second example above.

The last example shows that you can calculate multiplacations of number between two integers, that increases with constant value.

Here you can see, how to create increment vectors in this link from Mechanicalland.

The use of ‘prod()’ command is very simple as you see above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about prod() command multiplications in Matlab below.

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