Natural And Synthetic Diamonds

Diamond is one of the most precious material in nature. Diamond is not precious only because of lack in nature, its appearance also very important parameter to make diamond is very attractive and precious. In this article, we gave the brief information about natural and synthetic diamonds.

What Is Natural And Synthetic Diamond?

One of the biggest natural diamond piece in the world.

As we stated in other article about graphite, which is a form of carbon atoms in hexagonal and layered structure. Diamond is also kind of structure of carbon atoms. But the alignment of these carbon atoms different from graphite. Carbon atoms are aligned in cubic crystalline form in diamond structure. Because of this 3D molecular structure of Diamond, it has very high hardness up to 10000 HV. Because of this molecular structure and hardness, industrial diamonds are used as cutting tool to machine hard and brittle materials. Industrial diamonds are also used as sharpener for carbide abrasive tools.

Industrial or synthetic diamonds are generally produced with graphite. Graphite is heated up to around 3000 celsius degrees, under very high pressures. This process provides almost same conditions that natural diamond is created in history. But the hardness of industrial diamond is not high as natural diamond. Industrial diamond has hardness of around 7000 HV, but as we stated above, natural diamond has hardness of around 10000 HV.

Industrial diamonds.

This can be a good summary to explain natural and industrial or synthetic diamond. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about synthetic and natural ‘Diamonds’ below. Your feedback is very important for us.


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