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New Sheet Metal Curved Flange In Solidworks 2021!

In each products that revealed from Solidworks there are new features that they have. In Solidworks 2021, there is an another new feature inside it called as ‘Sheet Metal Curved Flange’. In this article we will explain, what is ‘Sheet Metal Curved Flange Feature’ of Solidworks 2021 briefly.

What Is ‘Sheet Metal Curved Flange’ Feature In Solidworks 2021?

Sheet metal curved flange feature in Solidworks 2021.

It can be explained as edge flange features are now supported on non-planar tangent edges of an existing base, swept, or edge flange as you see above illustration. This new feature about sheet metal capabilities of Solidworks, gives a very big versatility sheet metal design in Solidworks.

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Also you need to take a look at the Silhouette Defeaturing innovation of Solidworks 2021. Click on link and learn this innovation!

If you want to learn about whether your computational system will be appropriate to run Solidworks 2021, click on link and see system requirements of Solidworks 2021!

We are keeping updated this post about the download situation of Solidworks 2021. You can follow the release situation Solidworks 2021 from this link!

We are very excited about the release of Solidworks 2021 and see the differences of Solidworks 2021 compared with other releases of Solidworks.


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