Newton’s Law of Cooling Calculator for Convection

Convection is a very important mechanism of heat transfer. So, engineers need to make lots of calculations of convection. Because there are lots of systems that depend on the convection heat transfer. In other words in the most basic aspects, we calculate the convection heat transfer with Newton’s law of cooling. We prepared Newton’s law of cooling calculator for you.

Convection heat transfer mechanism.
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How to Use Newton’s Law of Cooling Calculator?

You are probably using this equation in the convection heat transfer calculations. And also, you will use this equation many times. So, you can use the calculator below to calculate them easily.

Newton’s Law of Cooling Calculator

So, the use of Newton’s law of cooling calculator is very simple. Firstly, you need to enter the values for convection;

  • h: Heat transfer coefficient between the surface of the body and the environment. The unit is W/(m2°C) or Btu/(hr-ft2°F)
  • Sa: A surface area where convection heat transfer takes place. Unit of the surface area is m2 or ft2.
  • Ts: Temperature of the surface where heat transfer takes place. The units are °C or °F.
  • Te: Temperature of the environment. Units are °C or °F.
  • Qconvection = Heat transfer rate between the surface of the body and the environment. Units of convection heat transfer are W or BTU/hr.

And then, click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the convection heat transfer between the surface and the environment. If you want to make further calculations, click on the ‘Reset’ button, then re-enter the values.

What is Convection Heat Transfer?

Convection heat transfer is one of the three heat transfer mechanisms. Also, these heat transfer mechanisms are conduction and radiation. In convection, heat is transferred by the movement of molecules of fluids. So, transportation of heat energy in convection heat transfer.


We are using Newton’s law of cooling in convection heat transfer calculations. The equation is like this;

Newton's law of cooling calculator equation. You can use thi equation for convection calculations.

So, according to this formula of convection,

  • So, with the increasing heat transfer coefficient, the total convection heat transfer increases.
  • Also, there is a direct correlation between the convection and the surface area of the body.
  • Furthermore, if the surface temperature increases, the convection between the surface and the environment increases.
  • With the increasing environment temperature, the total convection heat transfer decreases.
  • Moreover, if the temperature difference between the body and the environment is high, the convection heat transfer is high.


These are the basic aspects of Newton’s law of cooling calculator. It is very easy to use and you can use it in different kinds of engineering calculations. For example, in the heat transfer calculation between the surface of a thermos and the environment, you can use Newton’s law of cooling.

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