Nusselt Number Calculator for Convection

In the convection heat transfer calculations, the Nusselt number is a very important thing. You will probably calculate the Nusselt number lots of the time. So, we prepared a calculator that you can easily calculate the Nusselt number. Check the Nusselt number calculator below.

Convection heat transfer.
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Using Nusselt Number Calculator

You are probably using the Nusselt number in lots of convection heat transfer calculations. Also, in complex calculations, it will be burdensome to calculate the Nusselt number again and again. So, you can use the Nusselt number calculator.

Nusselt Number Calculator

The use of this calculator is very simple. Firstly, you just need to enter these values;

  • Heat transfer coefficient between the surface of the body and the environment for convection. Also, the unit of the heat transfer coefficient is W/(m2°C) or Btu/(hr-ft2°F).
  • The characteristic length of the body. And also, you can calculate the characteristic length of the body by dividing the volume of the body by surface area. The result is m or ft
  • Thermal conductivity of the body. The body material has a thermal conductivity value. The unit of the thermal conductivity is W.m-1°C-1 or BTU.h-1.ft-1.℉-1.

After that, click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the Nusselt number. If you want to make further calculations, click on the ‘Reset’ button. And then reenter the values.

What is the Nusselt Number?

In convection heat transfer calculations, the Nusselt number has a very important place. So, the Nusselt number shows the ratio between the conduction and convection heat transfers in a system. Also, we are calculating the Nusselt number with this equation;

Nusselt number formula

In this equation;

  • h: the heat transfer coefficient
  • Lc: characteristic length of the body
  • k: thermal conductivity


So, the use of the Nusselt number calculator is very simple as you see above.

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