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Obtaining Intersection Curves In SolidWorks(Illustrated Expression)

Intersection Curve tool in Solidworks sometimes can be very useful tool to obtain intersections between 3D or 2D geometries. In this article we will explain how to obtain intersections of features with ‘Intersection Curve’ command with a very basic example in Solidworks.

How To Use ‘Intersection Curve’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Intersection Curve’ command in Solidworks.

Consider about a situation that we want to obtain the intersection between a plane and a globe as shown above in Solidworks. To do it, click on little pop-up menu as shown by green box then click on ‘Intersection Curve’ command as shown by green arrow in Solidworks.

Select the required entities to obtain intersection in Solidworks.

After entering to the ‘Intersection Curve’ command to take the intersection of the globe on the plane, select the globe only as shown by green arrow above the click on little green yes button as shown by red arrow in Solidworks.

Created intersection curve in Solidworks.

The intersection curve of globe on plane is obtained as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks with ‘Intersection Curve’ command.

If you want to obtain the intersection curves of 3D geometries in Solidworks, select these two or more 3D geometries in ‘Intersection Curve’ command as above.

Obtaining intersections with ‘Intersection Curve’ command in Solidworks is very easy like above. Leave your comments and questions about ‘Intersection Curve’ command in Solidworks below!


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