Off-Page SEO Guide

Off-Page SEO Guide

Off-page SEO is a very important branch of SEO tactics that you can apply to your websites and SEO campaign. You need to consider off-page SEO just like on-page SEO and technical SEO. Here you can find very detailed information about off-page SEO that you will learn all the aspects. If you are a beginner in SEO, this article will be a very good guide for you to start something new. And also, if you are looking for off-page SEO services, this will be a very good guide that you can learn the general critical points.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO.
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Off-page SEO is a branch of SEO that we can improve performance outside of our website. So, in this branch, we are not dealing with the parameters of the website that we are building. There are general points that we can improve the SEO campaign of our website, with the parameters outside of the website.

Before starting to off-page SEO campaign, it is very important to be sure about the on-page SEO and the technical SEO of your pages are good enough. Because off-page SEO is generally about marketing your web pages and website outside of your website. And you need to have a very good website in terms of SEO to market in different areas.

Here we explain the general topics about the off-page SEO campaign so hat you can easily improve your website.

Backlinks are the most important aspect of your off-page SEO campaign. You need to have very good backlinks from other internet sources to improve your site performance.

Backlinks are the links that target your web pages specifically. These backlinks are generally created to give your website or web page references on other websites. So, according to the search engine algorithms, if there are high-quality backlinks to your web pages, this means, your page is very high quality that the other people are giving references to your page.

Because, the main objective of the search engines, improve the user experience of the people by giving them the richest results in the search queries. So, search engines perceive the backlinks as feedback from the users that this page provides very good information that people need. And your page will rank higher in the search engine results.

The quality of t backlinks is also a very important thing that you need to consider about your website. Because search engines give a very special amount of attention to the backlinks which are high quality and natural. So, it is very important to take the backlinks from high-quality sources relevant to your niche and topic.

In general, it is much more important to obtain backlinks naturally. People are visiting your website and pages, and they find it worthy to mention that page on their websites. So, it is the best way to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Also, you can have guest posts on other websites which are high in quality and relevant to your web page. So, it will be very good in terms of off-page SEO. But, there are important points that you need to consider if you think to take guest posts from other websites.

  • Websites that you are taking backlinks should not be backlink farms. Backlink farms generally include lots of kinds of backlinks to various websites. So, backlinks from these sources will not be worthy of the search engine algorithms.
  • Also, these websites should not sell backlinks with money to you. Because this is another important factor that search engines do not allow. You need to take care of much more natural ways to take backlinks.

If you manage to take backlinks from the websites which are relevant to your topic and they are the highest in quality, it will be very important for your SEO performance. This must be your general goal in terms of taking backlinks.

Also, you need to refrain your website from low-quality or toxic backlinks. Because these backlinks lower the quality of your website and lower the SEO performance. Lots of people in the SEO industry think that having lots of kinds of backlinks from different sources will increase their SEO performance. But, the situation is not like this. Search engines always consider the quality of the backlinks which are relevant to you.

In this sector, different people are selling the bulk of backlinks from different irrelevant sources. So, in general, these backlinks will not have any effect on your off-page SEO performance. We do not recommend having backlinks from these sources.

Also, there are toxic backlink farms if you want to lower your competitor’s SEO performance. If a website takes lots of backlinks from these sources, its performance will be lower. But, you need to play your game fairly. Don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

Backlinks may be the most important aspect of the off-page SEO performance of the pages. So, you need to be considerate about the backlinks everytime.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing in off-page SEO.

This is another important tool that you can easily use in the backlink buşlding in the relevant websites and web pages. Writing SEO-Friendly blog posts and content may be the hardest thing for a website. People need to sacrifice lots of their money and time to write and obtain engaging content and web pages.

So, you can offer a website owner which has a high-quality website that the backlink from this source will be very helpful for your SEO campaign, you can ask for one backlink in exchange for high-quality content. Most people will look at this exchange very good way. And you will have lots of kinds of backlinks from high-quality sıurce.s

Also, there are lots of kinds of forum sites and content sites that you are free to create content on these websites. On these websites, you can easily create high-quality content for these websites which includes links to your website. So, this will be a very useful thing in terms of the off-page SEO campaign.

Importance of the Social Media

Importance of Social Media.

Social media is one of the most important parts of off-page SEO. With the correct social media campaign, your SEO performance will skyrocket. So, you need to take care of your social media correctly.

In today’s world, most people are using different kinds of social media. If you have a very good appearance on social media, you will reach much more people there.

And according to the search engine algorithms, the pages that have very good social media interaction, are the precious pages to rank in first places. Because social media is a very important indicator of positive user experience feedback.

By considering all of these facts, you need to have a very good social media campaign. You need to have active social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to take visitors from social media into your pages.

Also, you need to incite organic visitors to follow your social media accounts if you want to convert them into permanent followers. So, if you share a new post on your social media accounts, these people will read your article and page which will have positive feedback for your accounts.

Also, you need to have a button in your posts on your web page so that people can easily share these posts on their social media accounts. So, for the search engines, this is very positive feedback that your post is very valuable for the people who are sharing these posts on their social media. And it will be a very good ranking factor in search engine results.


Instagram may be the most common social media platform nearly all kinds of people are using it. So, you need to have a very good Instagram account that constantly shares interesting posts that take the attention of the people.

Also, after 15.000 followers, you can directly share stories that include the links to your posts. If the viewers slide these stories, they can directly open these parts on their smartphones easily. This is also a very important feature of Instagram. If you reach organic followers above 15.000, this will be a very huge benefit to your on-page SEO performance. People directly interact with your posts.

And also, by using hashtags on Instagram, you can appear in the people’s Reels. So, you can be a renowned brand in a specific topic by using this technique. And you will take lots of social media feedback from them. Also, Instagram is one of the best places to promote your products.


People love to watch useful videos on YouTube to reach answers to solve the problems in their lives. So, a good YouTube campaign will give a very good social media interaction easily.

You can prepare YouTube videos about your company and your products to make your system much more understandable. And people will watch these videos instead of reading long pages and articles. And adding these videos to your web pages will turn you into YouTube watches.

Also, if you add YouTube videos to your web pages, Google and other search engines will classify your pages as different from the other pages. Also, it will increase the visuality which increases the conversion rates of the organic visitors to your website.

And also, if you have a very good YouTube account, you can easily promote your web pages and website which will give you much more social traffic. And your SEO performance is positively affected by this.


If you are marketing a product on your web pages, it is very important to have a Pinterest account. Because you can easily link the web pages that you have to the posts that you are sharing. You just need to have a very good visual element of your products that will seem as very interesting to the people on Pinterest.

And by using the hashtags in Pinterest, the algorithm of Pinterest will suggest your post to the people who are interested in these kinds of posts. And most of the people who are looking at your post will click and visit your website or web page. So, this is a very good way to increase social media traffic.


Most people in the world also use Facebook. And also, there are different modes of creating social media accounts on Facebook. For example, you can create pages that people can subscribe to. They can interact with each other over the posts that you are sharing. So, Facebook is a very wide social media platform that you can have very good social media feedback from it.

Also, you can link the Instagram account with your Facebook account and share the same posts on these two pages. So, at one time, you can carry out social media campaigns both on Instagram and Facebook.


Also, if your web pages and website are about news in a specific area, you need to have a very efficient Twitter account. Because people on Twitter are generally looking for topics that they can discuss with other people.

And sharing your critical articles and posts which carry news value will take you more social traffic to your website. So, in terms of the on-page SEO, this will be very effective. And your overall SEO performance will increase.

So, you need to use the power of social media to promote your web pages and websites. This is because most people are using social media in today’s world. And it is very important to have a solid social media campaign to promote your products and services.

There are also other kinds of social media platforms that you can easily use to take people to your website. You need to apply different campaigns for different kinds of social media platforms to be successful.

Use Forum Websites

Forum websites are very important sources where people are sharing their problems, questions, and ideas. If you know the exact solution to these problems and questions, you can create a web page that states the answers and solutions. And you can share these web pages that genuinely solve these problems of the people. This is a very good way to create very good backlinks from high-quality forum websites.

But not only in forums, but you can also use the communities of the websites. With the communities, you can share your knowledge and experience through your wap pages and websites. This is a very organic way to create very good backlinks to your website and web pages.

But, do not overuse this technique. Most people are trying to advertise their website directly in forums. And these links are generally deleted by the forum managers. So, you just need to use this technique naturally and uniquely.

Marketing Yourself Through Influencers

In most social media accounts, you can market yourself with influencers who are lots of organic followers. So, you can easily market your product or your webpage through the pages and accounts of these influencers. And people that are intersted in your products will follow your account and interact with your webpage. This is also a very important off-page SEO technique that you can apply.

Create Long-Form Contents

In your web pages and websites, create long-form contents that have lots of kinds of information about the products and services you have. Because contents that serve very rich results to the visitors have much more backlinks if we compare them with short blog posts. Because they provide much more detailed information about a search query that a visitor makes. And this makes this content valuable to share on their social media accounts and other websites.

Create a Brand in Off-Page SEO

Creating a brand in a specific area is a very important thing in marketing your services and products. You need to heavily invest in creating the brand to take a place in people’s minds about a specific thing.

For example, you are a web page or website where people can find various kinds of shoe models even the most specific ones. People can directly search “shoes for men” or “shoes for kids” in the search engines. But, think about a situation where they are searching for “shoes for kinds in” which is your website. This is the brand perception that people have in their minds.

So, this is the main objective of your off-page SEO campaign. In all the social media accounts and all the posts, you need to embrace your brand to make people remember you.

Importance of E-A-T in Off-Page SEO

E-A-T in off page SEO.

This is very important stuff that most SEO professionals imply to have a good Off-Page SEO campaign. E-A-T means, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are the most important things that you need to achieve through your web pages and SEO campaign.

You need to be an expert in a specific niche or topic that you are serving. And you need to show this experience with your posts and articles that you are sharing with people. So, people should feel your expressiveness on this specific topic.

Authoritativeness is the general authority that you have on a specific topic. Think about people who are wondering about comments of you about an issue that you are an expert in. This is a clear indication of authoritativeness. Also, if you have a very rooted internet website background on a specific topic, you probably have very good authority and your domain is very precious in a specific niche. So, you need to aim for working on it through the years. It is the best way to obtain very good authority.

And also, people must trust you. You need to have clear indications that you are making your job or serving your products that people happily using it. So, you can have lots of kinds of positive feedback through the different kinds of channels. People praise your services and products all around the internet. This will create a very big trust in your customers and people willing to work with you.

These are the general merits of the off-page SEO campaign that you need be aiming for.

Importance of Positive Reviews in Off-Page SEO

As we stated above, search engines always give special attention to user experience feedback. And they are using the different channels as feedback as user experience. One of these channels is the positive reviews and feedback of the users and visitors. So, this is a very good ranking factor in terms of Google and other search engines.

It depends on how you are making your job or selling your product. If you are good at it and if you make people happy, you are promoting yourself in your specific topic.

But the important trick here is, that you can request some feedback from your customers and visitors through the different channels. For example, you are giving a plumbing service, and you can request feedback through Google reviews. So, this will turn out to be very important feedback for you.

In general, search engines are capable of assessing the different feedback from different channels. So, you just need to have your link on these feedbacks. And search engines will promote your content because of this feedback.

Importance and Power of the Local SEO

Local SEO is a very important thing that you can easily develop for your brand. Local SEO means the SEO campaigns that targeting to specific geographic regions. These regions can be cities or neighborhoods or countries. And in general, the competition in local SEO is much lower than the general.

For example, think about serving a plumbing service. And if we consider the keywords about this service “plumbing service” will very high competition. And this will be very hard for us to rank in. Also, if we think about “plumbing services in Atlanta” the audience will be lower but ranking in this keyword will be much more possible. And the conversion rates will be much higher.

Creating Organizations and Events in Off-Page SEO

This is also a very powerful tool that you can easily implement in your off-page SEO campaign. We are not talking about complex and big organizations. You can make organizations on your website or web page for your followers. Also, you can make events on your social media accounts. The main purpose of these events, make people share your social media or website links in different kinds of areas to improve your SEO performance through backlinks.

Also, if you make these events on regular basis, you can increase the chance of knowing people you’re brand easily. So, it is very important to make events for your users and visitors.

For example, you can make sweepstake events for the people on your website. You just want to people follow your social media or subscribe to the website you have. And with the sweepstake, you can give free products of you or free services you have. Or you can give very different prizes for these sweepstakes. It is generally up to you. But, you need to recognize your followers and people very well if you want to be successful in this issue.

These kinds of events are very useful for creating the brand perception in people’s minds and creating a very good off-page SEO strategy.

Podcasts with the Leading People

This is another important idea that you can easily apply fo your off-page SEO campaign. You can give podcasts to people and you can be hosted on the podcasts of other people’s channels. So, both of them will make you more realizable to the people. And also, if you make your podcast with people, the people will share this podcast with their social media accounts and different kinds of websites. This will promote your social media and the website on different kinds of channels.

Also, people know you as a human which is also very important in terms of trust. People start to trust you more and if you give polite and trustworthy answers to the questions, you will have very good renown between the people.

DON’Ts in Off-Page SEO!

Also, it is very important to know what you should not do in terms of the off-page SEO of your pages and websites. These are generally the important parts of the anti-SEO or black hat SEO that we are not recommending to the people who are carrying out serious businesses and services in the internet realm.

Most people are thinking about having backlinks ruthlessly from the different kinds of websites is good for the SEO campaign of the websites. You just need to take backlinks wherever you find them. No. Most people are making this fault.

Search engines are very capable of separating low-quality backlinks from high-quality backlinks. So, it is very important to have backlinks from high quality sources. You need to take special care about the sources of backlinks. And you need to take care of these backlinks.

We generally explained the importance of the backlinks to your websites. In general low quality, backlinks are the backlinks from toxic websites and backlinks from websites that are irrelevant web sites. These twoı types of backlinks will be very harmful to your off-page SEO campaign.

This is also another old form of off-page SEO that if you have a higher number of backlinks, you will rank more mentality. This mentality is maybe valid for the very old times of SEO. But with the developing technology and the algorithms of search engines, you should not do this kind of thing.

There are backlink sellers such as 100 backlinks are $100. These services generally do not care about your topic and niche while they are publishing your backlinks on toxic websites. So, this will decrease your off-page SEO performance in today’s algorithms of search engines.

There are lots of people and your competitors who do not want your success. And also, they know if they create harmful backlinks to your website and web pages, the off-page SEO performance will drop and you will drop from the top places of the search engines.

So, it is very important to audit your backlinks by using different kinds of tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs. You can easily detect these harmful backlinks and disavow them by using Google.

If you are not auditing your backlinks and if you start auditing them, you will see that, you have various kinds of harmful backlinks from different kinds of sources. And you need to deal with them accordingly. And if you disavow these backlinks, your ranking will increase rapidly.

Applying Anti-SEO Campaigns to Competitors

Anti SEO.

We think that applying anti-SEO tactics to your competitors is a very vicious thing that you can make. So, we can not fit this into professionalism. It is much better and etique to apply this energy to improve your website’s performance in different applications.

So, you are free to apply this harmful backlink tactic to your competitors as we stated above. But we are not recommending it. You are now justly competing with your opponents just performing and serving better than them. You are using vicious tactics to make them collapse.

Also, in specific areas and specific niches, it will be very straightforward who is applying these tactics to the competitors. Because, in specific niches and specific topics, the competitors will be very straightforward that you exactly know who is your competitor. So, if you apply these tactics or if they apply these tactics to your website, you will know each other as an enemy which is not a search engine and people do not like this kind of thing.

Making Phoney Comments on Different Platforms

This is also a very common type of black hat SEO tactics to improve the off-page SEO performances of the websites. In these tactics, people are creating fake accounts in different kinds of forms and communities and making fake positive comments about your applications and services. So, people are deceived to think that you are a very good vendor of services and products that they need to buy. And, if they take services and products from you and if they have bad experiences with your services, they will not hesitate the fill these sections with bad comments.

So, this is the negative pulling effect of this tactic. You need to leave this naturally. Let the people make comments about your services and applications in different communities. And people will focus on more positive sides if you do not make any kinds of artificial comments about yourself in different communities.

This is a directly banned application by the Google Terms of Services. So, if you make this for your website, you directly endanger your website to the complaints to the Google side. For example, you want backlinks to websites that you will think to have tremendous effects on your page’s off-page SEO performance. And you are offering money to share your links on these websites. So, if they complain about this move from you to Google, Google will penalize harshly your website and your pages from search results. And you will regret forever about this issue.

So, it is very important to have backlinks naturally from these sources with your hşgh quality content and hşgh quality publications that make the people share them in their systems. Buying backlinks or something is not a good idea for a good off-page SEO campaign.

Scraping Competitor’s Contents and Publications

This is also a very vicious anti-SEO tactic that people are applying to their competitors to de-rank them from search engine results. In this tactic, people are copying the contents of the competitors which are newly shared and not indexed by the search engines, and share in the different kinds of websites and sending indexing queries to the search engines. So, double indexing the articles and pages take place.

And these pages are newer and rank well in search engine results. People need to take care of the pages to improve their ranking of these pages. This is not a recommended way to improve your ranking in the search results by negatively attack to your competitors. You can spend energy and sources to improve your pages to rank well. And you need to play the game fairly. Not taking the top place for one word in search engines is not the end of the world. Also, you can find yourself making business partnerships with your competitors for bigger projects. So, it is not a good thing to make them enemies from the start of the business.

Conclusion on Off-Page SEO

As you see above, the off-page SEO tactics generally depend on the taking of backlinks, and very good feedback from different sources is a general purpose of the off-page SEO. So, it is very important to have very good feedback and v-backlinks from websites and people are very important.

To improve the off-page SEO performance, you can actively make off-page studies and works such as social media management. So, interacting with people outside of the page and website is the main objective of off-page SEO.

Also, search engine algorithms will perceive this good feedback from high-quality sources and people as a very positive effect of the good user experience. So, search engines will rank your pages at the top places if you have very good off-page SEO performance. And if the people send positive feedback, this will be very useful for you.

Creating a brand and having a place in people’s minds and having permanent followers of your brand are the other important objectives that you need to embrace to improve your SEO performance. As you see above, the general purpose of off-page SEO campaigns is aiming this kind of thing in general.

Also, there are negative off-page SEO applications that you can apply for yourself and your competitors. Or your competitors can decrease the off-page SEO performance of your website. So, it is very important to be aware of these points about your websites.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the off-page SEO below.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

FAQs About Off-Page SEO

What are examples of off-page SEO?

There are different applications and examples of off-page SEO campaigns. The most common examples of off-page SEO are; social media campaigns, backlink building from high-quality sources, and positive comments from different communities related to your topic and niche. Also, having backlinks from forum websites is a general example of these activities. If you apply them accordingly, you will be very successful.

What is off-page SEO for beginners?

For beginners, we can describe the off-page SEO that improves the SEO performance of our websites and web pages with the parameters outside of our website. These parameters are generally having good and high-quality backlinks and having very good social media accounts. Also, there are specific tactics to improve your website’s performance in these elements.

How important is off-page SEO?

Maybe, it is one of the most important parts of the general SEO campaign of your website. But before starting the off-page SEO campaign, you need to be sure about your website has very good in terms of technical SEO and on-page SEO. Because you are directly managing the customer and poıeple feedback to your website in off-page SEO campaigns. Feedback from other websites and people on the internet is a very important ranking factor for search engine algorithms. If you are creating high-quality pages, people must send feedbacks that your websites and pages are high quality.

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