Offset Entities Command In SolidWorks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

Offsetting features in Solidworks sketching is very easy process. Features of ‘Offset Entity’ command in Solidworks sketching are very versatile to use. In this article we will explain the ‘Offset Entity’ command and its all features with a very basic examples in illustrated basis.

How To Use ‘Offset Entities’ Command In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on ‘Offset Entities’ command in Solidworks.

To use ‘Offset Entities’ command, you need to inside a sketching operation like above in Solidworks. For example we want to create offsetted sketches from given circle, click on ‘Offset Entities’ command as shown by red arrow in Solidworks.

Specify the required parameters of ‘Offset Entity’.

After entering into the ‘Offset Entity’ command, enter the distance value as shown by red arrow above. You can create the offset features at other side of main curve if you click on the option as shown by green arrow above. For example the offset curve is created inside of the main circle that was at outside before clicking on ‘Reverse’ option.

You can obtain offset curves at either inside and outside around main circle or curve if you click on the ‘Bi-directional’ option as shown by blue arrow.

In construction geometry section, you can convert the main or base geometry and offset curves into the construction geometry, by clicking on them inside the blue box above in Solidworks.

Cap-ends option of ‘Offset Entity’ command in Solidworks.

In the curves like above, you can select ‘Cap-ends’ option as in green box above. If you select ‘Arcs’ for it, the closures of curves will be like above that shown by orange arrows. If you seelct the ‘Lines’ option, these arcs will turn into straigth lines.

To complete the offset operation of sketches in Solidworks, click on little green yes button as shown by green arrown above.

The use of ‘Offset Entities’ command in Solidworks can be stated like this. If you want much more complex examples about ‘Offset Entities’ command, inform us in below comments. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Offset Entities’ command in Solidworks below!


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