Options Of Viewing Contours In ANSYS Analysis Results

ANSYS® Mechanical offers a bunch of result viewing options in terms of contours. After ANSYS® Mechanical solution is done, you can view the deformation or other kinds of solutions with different contour options. Here, we will show you these contour results on a very basic example below in ANSYS® Mechanical.

What Are The Contour Viewing Options In ANSYS® Mechanical?

ANSYS® Mechanical contour viewing results.

As you see above there is a very basic analysis is done in ANSYS® Mechanical, and a bunch of contour viewing results is available as shown in the red box above.


  • Smooth Contours: If you click on this contour option, a smooth transition between different contour colors can be obtained like below.
Smooth contours in ANSYS® Mechanical.
  • Contour Bands: If this contour option is selected, the exact transition between different contour colors can be obtained unlike the above.
Contour bands in ANSYS® Mechanical.
  • Isolines: If you select this contour viewing option in ANSYS® Mechanical, you can view the transition boundaries between different contour colors like below.
Isolines for the deformed model.
  • Solid Fill: With this option of contour viewing results, you can view the original geometry without any colors or contours as a deformed model.
Contourless deformed model in ANSYS® Mechanical.

You can select the proper contour viewing option in ANSYS® Mechanical results as shown above.


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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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