Oxide Ceramics As A New Ceramic Type

Ceramic technique and cermic technology is very imporant branch. Like other technologies and techniques, ceramic technique and technology has also very important inovations in itself. One of these inovations in ceramic technique and technology is oxide ceramics. In this article, we will explain oxide ceramics in a very basic term.

Alumina which has chemical composition of Al2O3 is illustrated as its powder form.

What Is Oxide Ceramic?

The difference of new ceramics from traditional ceramics is compounds and process steps. But compounds in new ceramics can be inside of some of traditional ceramics also. Actually the main difference between new ceramics and tradtional ceramics is, control over material properties through compounds in new ceramics, with more recent processes and techniques. Oxide ceramics also can be assumed as new ceramics.

The most imporant material in oxide ceramic family is alumina. As we explained at other article, alumina is produced with bauxite synthetically by arc furnace method. Control over particle size and blending with other kinds of elements through controlling production process of alumina, gives much more better products from its historical counterparts. Very good properties of hot hardness, very good corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity, new alumina finds very important place at various engineering applications such as; alloying ingredients in glass, abrasives(grinding wheel grit), bioceramics(artificial bones and teeth), electrical insulators, electronic components, spark plug barrels, refractory brick, cutting tool inserts, and other important engineering components.

You must understood that new ceramics that re produced with new technologies are very important for our civilization. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about new ceramics, new ceramic production methods and oxide ceramics below!

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