Path Array In AutoCAD Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

Path array is very useful tool in CAD environments. Also Autocad has very useful ‘Path Array’ tool in sketching to array the selected features according to the selected path. In this article we will explain the use of ‘Path Array’ command in Autocad and its features with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Path Array’ Command In Autocad?

Click on ‘Path Array’ command in Autocad.

Use of ‘Path Array’ is very basic in Autocad. For example we want to array the item that shown by red arrow above on a path that shown by orange arrow above. To do it, click on pop-up menu that shown by green arrow above then click on ‘Path Array’ command shown in green rectangle.

Click to select the item and the path for ‘Path Array’ in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Path Array’ command, first click to select the feature that you want to array as shown by orange arrow, then right click on drawing scheme. Then select the path as shown by red arrow above in Autocad.

Adjust the path array by dragging its handle.

You can adjust the path array that is created, click on handle that shown by red arrow above the drag it.

Adjust the values of path array in Autocad.

You can adjust the path array from above option in Autocad interface.

You can enter a spacing values between the instances from the section that is shown by green box above.

You can adjust the number of layers of path array, spacing between the each layer then the total distance that will be covered with layers from the red box region. You can see the result that is shown by red arrow above.

You do not need to consider the blue box region for Autocad 2D. These options adjusts the third dimension values for path array in Autocad.

Click on ‘Align Items’ option in ‘Path Array’ command.

In default, the ‘Align Items’ option is selected. But if you unselect it as shown by green arrow, the whole items will not oriented according to the path as you seen in green box above.

Press Enter button from your keyboard to end the path array operation in Autocad. We can share more complex examples about path array in Autocad if you wish in the comments below.

Leave your comments and questions below about ‘Path Array’ command in Autocad!


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