Pattern With A Reference Of Another Pattern In Siemens NX

In this article we will show you how to pattern features in Siemens NX by utilizing another patterned feature. This is a very useful tool to pattern a feature with the same patterning characteristics other pattern object.

How To Make Reference Pattern In Siemens NX?

Click on Pattern Feature command.

To make a reference pattern in Siemens NX, click on the Pattern Feature command in Siemens NX ribbon bar as shown by red arrow above.

Select the feature to pattern as reference in Siemens NX drawing scheme.

After entering to the Pattern Feature command, select the feature that you want to pattern as reference as shown by red arrow above.

Select the parameters of Reference pattern in Siemens NX.

After entering into the ‘Pattern Feature’ command in Siemens NX;

  • Select the feature that needed to be patterned, out from the reference pattern as shown by red arrow above.
  • Select the Pattern Layout as ‘Reference’ as shown in blue box above.
  • Select the reference pattern that the current pattern will be like the selected pattern as shown by green arrow above.
  • Select the reference instance from the reference pattern geometry as shown by blue arrow, that the selected feature to be patterned will be the same element in the new pattern.
Select instance of the created pattern in Siemens NX.

You can select the instances as above individually as shown by blue arrows, tehn you can delete, suppress etc. these selected instances.

Click on OK or Apply button in the command interface to complete the reference pattern operation in Siemens NX.

Created Reference Pattern in Siemens NX.

The pattern that is shown by blue arrow above is created by the reference of the other pattern as shown by red arrow above in Siemens NX.

So creating patterns by referencing to other patterns is very simple like that in Siemens NX.

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