Percentage of Women in Mechanical Engineering

Men are more oriented in the mechanical Engineering profession due to the perception of gender in the businesses. Compared to previous years, when male mechanical engineers were the majority, female mechanical engineers began to increase today and successfully sign many large projects. It varies according to the preferred Engineering field.

What are the Preferred Engineering Fields?

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

It can be listed as. Engineering has a wide field. Some engineers are engaged in research in most sciences and are not limited to the above. Engineering, as mentioned above, is among the most preferred in this article. We will be mechanical engineering.

What is the Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the most established branches of engineering.

  • It is an old and well-established field. From Al-Jazari, known as the first mechanical engineer, to this time, mechanical engineering has expanded its area every day. It has led to the education of qualified and successful engineers trained in many fields more than simple mechanical machine building.
  • He has many quotas. The first item that is so old and well-established, with a range almost all the Universities of engineering education in the Department of mechanical engineering of the faculty in terms of the most generous quota so that every year more and more university registration performs Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering already on our list, 2. the most important reason for moving to the queue is that there are more than enough mechanical engineers in our country within the quota opening.
  • We can call it the Swedish pocket knife of engineering. Swedish pocket knives have many functions in one structure and are multifunctional and practical. Or, when we take the production area as a basis, we can look at the mechanical engineer exactly like a Swedish pocket knife. Mechanical Engineering can find jobs in more than 27 fields and sectors. However, it has not created popularity in the perception that it is called “I am a mechanical engineer.” It is incontrovertible that mechanical engineers can still find jobs more comfortably than other engineering branches.

To be a mechanical engineer, first as its name implies, to be linked to a machine to do a job got a car, this could be a straightforward motor system, so if the automotive vehicle industry, renewable energy sources, wind energy, solar energy, fluid mechanics, such as water pump, air conditioning, structural control on the motion of objects if you have interest in mechanical techniques, the machine will be a good choice for you.

What is the Place of the Women in Mechanical Engineering?

It is believed that women may not be interested since mechanical engineering is a profession that includes mechanical parts, and this is an entirely wrong idea. Women may be interested in many areas that men are interested in. Women’s achievements in mechanical engineering have been proven to have achieved great success in many national projects. This has now started to reduce the gender inequality situation. Since femininity is in the minority in engineering, it is possible to observe changes in feelings and movements in people, but we have too many examples of successful female engineers. The way to reduce this inequality is to break down prejudices and show that the success stories of female engineers’ role models affect everyone. It will help to exchange ideas with people who have experience in this field. It will be a light for other engineers to include women in large-scale projects.


Even if possible, observing a female and a male engineer at worksites proves to us that there is no gender difference in this profession. Successful women who are engineers, and even if possible, a woman and a man who are engineers, observe us at worksites in this profession gender inequality. There is evidence that the engineering profession, which opens up to various fields, has many difficulties in all areas. The idea that women can face these difficulties should not go out of mind.

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