Performing Z Transforms In MatLab® Effectively

Z transforms are very important in electronic and software applications especially signal processing. It is like laplace transforms that are used in the solving of differential equations. Actually, z transforms are considered as the discrete-time equivalent of Laplace transforms. 

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Here, we explain how to perform Laplace Z transforms with the ‘ztrans()’ command in Matlab®. The example below is executed in the Matlab® command window. You can try it in your own Matlab® software. 

How To Use ‘ztrans()’ Command In MatLab®?

>> syms x
y = x^4;
ans =
(z*(z^3 + 11*z^2 + 11*z + 1))/(z - 1)^5

At the programming example above, we defined a symbolic variable with the syms command in Matlab®. We can use this variable to create our symbolic polynomial or equation which is ‘y’ above. 

Then we directly typed this inside the’ ztrans()’ command in Matlab® as you see above. Check the answer in the command window. 


As you see above, it is very easy to perform z transforms with the ‘ztrans()’ command in Matlab®. 

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