Polar Array In AutoCAD Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

With Polar Array, you can array the selected instances around a selected point. In this article we will show how to use ‘Polar Array’ command in Autocad with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Polar Array’ Command In Autocad?

Array Images

Arraying selecting instances with ‘Polar Array’ command in Autocad is very easy process. For example we will array the little triangle in Autocad. To do it, click on little pop-up manu as shown by green arrow above, then click on the ‘Polar Array’ command as shown in green box in Autocad.

Select the item and select the point for ‘Polar Array’ in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Polar Array’ command, click to select the item that will be arrayed as shown in green box above then select the point that the item will be rotated around it as shown by green arrow in Autocad.

Adjust the ‘Polar Array’ from the menu above in Autocad.

You can enter number of items, the distance between the items and the span angle that the polar array will fill respectively from green box above.

You can enter the number of layers in ‘Polar Array’, by entering number of rows of instances, distance between the layers and the total length that the layers will fill in red box region.

You do not need to consider the blue box values in Autocad 2D. The values inside the blue box related to the third dimension.

Define the ‘Polar Array’ by dragging its handles in Autocad.

You can define the number of layers by dragging the handle that is shown by red arrow. You can also define the spacing between the layers with the handle that is shown by orange arrow. You can define the number of instances in each layer and the spacing between the instances in layers with handles that are shown by green arrows.

Click on ‘Rotate Items’ option in ‘Polar Array’ command.

As default, ‘Rotate Items’ option that is shown by orange arrow is selected. If you not select this option as above, the items will not be rotated around the center of polar array as shown by green arrow in Autocad.

Change the direction of ‘Polar Array’ in Autocad.

You can change the rotation direction of ‘Polar Array’ with the option called ‘Direction’ as shown by green arrow above. Unselect to change the direction. Press Enter from your keyboard to complete the ‘Polar Array’ operation in Autocad.

So the use of ‘Polar Array’ in Autocad is like above. We can share more complex example about ‘Polar Array’ in Mechanicalland if you wish in comments below.

Leave your comments and questions below about ‘Polar Array’ command in Autocad.


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