Powder Injection Molding Processes

Injection molding processes are the common applications for polymer materials. Also, injection molding mechanisms are used for the molding of the metal and ceramic powders. Because the powder injection molding processes are dealing with metal powders, they can be examined in powder metallurgy technologies.

Here we explain the general characteristics and the main advantages/disadvantages of the powder injection molding processes.

How The Powder Injection Molding Processes Are Applied?

Powder injection molding process(Image Source: Depicted below the image.).

Binders are very important for the powder injection molding processes. Binders are used because of the flowability of the metal granules inside the dies and molds. With the addition of binders, granular pellets from the metal powders are obtained. 

These granular metal pellets are heated to molding temperature, and they are injected inside the mold. Then the injected material is cooled and removed from the mold. 

After the removal of the parts from the injection molds, some thermal and solvent methods are applied to eliminate the binders. 

After all of these steps, the obtained part is sintered.

General Binder Materials In Powder Injection Molding Processes

There are various kinds of binder materials are used in powder injection molding processes. Thermosetting or thermoplastic polymers are used such as phenolics or polyethylene. Water is also used as a binder material. 

Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Powder Injection Molding

There is no apparent advantage of the powder injection molding processes over the conventional powder metallurgy techniques. Powder injection molding processes are advantageous for the high production rates for small-sized products. 


The general expression of the powder injection molding processes can be explained above. 

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