Presentations Of Angular Situations In Technical Drawings

The language of technical drawing is very important for technical people. The common language must be spoken between technics when a technical drawing is a topic. Angles are very important technical aspects in technical drawings. So, some types of angles have typical technical discourses. Here you can find summary information about the types of angles in technical drawings. 

Types Of Angles In Technical Drawings

Right angle: If there are 90 degrees of two intersecting lines, the angle between these lines is called a right angle. And these two lines are perpendicular to each other. 

Straight angle: If there are 180 degrees between two lines, this line is called the straight angle. 

Obtuse angle: If an angle is between 90 and 180 degrees, this type of angle is called an obtuse angle. 

Acute angle: If an angle is between 0 and 90 degrees, this angle type is called the acute angle. 

Supplementary angles: If the summation of two or more angles is equal to 180, these angles are called supplementary angles. 


These are the general descriptions of the angles in both geometry and technical drawing areas. 

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