Properties Of Aluminum And Designation Of Aluminum Alloys

Properties Of Aluminum And Designation Of Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum is the one of the most important non-ferrous material in engineering. Because of the properties, aluminum has very common places in daily life applications. In this article, we will explain the properties of aluminum and designations of types of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

What Are The Properties Of Aluminum Alloy?

High thermal and electrical conductivity of Aluminum makes it a very attractive material in very specific applications. In HVAC systems, aluminum and its alloys are generally used because of very good thermal conductivity. Sometimes, aluminum is used to transmit electricity in short distances because of its good electrical conductivity. Corrosion resistance is also very important property of aluminum. Corrosion resistancy comes from thin oxide layer formation on the surface of aluminum. Formablity of aluminum is also very advantageous property. But pure aluminum has very low strength. With the correct alloying elements that are added to pure aluminum, materials that have very good mechanical properties can be obtained. Some of aluminum alloys can be compared to steels in terms of strength, in same time, aluminum alloys are very low weight compared with steels.

How Is The Designations Of Aluminum And Alloys?

Aluminum alloys designation table(Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing).

Designation of aluminum alloys includes four digit number. If the last number of aluminum designation is separated with point from other three numbers, this aluminum is ‘cast aluminum’. If also there is not separation of last number, the code of that aluminum is ‘wrought aluminum’.

Letter additions to aluminum designations, and properties of them(Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing)

The designation can have letter of ‘T’ and a number that is separated with hypen from four digit code of aluminum alloys. ‘T’ means the temper that which heat treatment or work hardening method is used on aluminum alloy.

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