Properties Of Free Machining Steels And Applications

There are lots of kinds of steels are avaliable in market for different applications. For these different applications, also different alooy compositions of steels are needed. In this article, we will explain a veyr specific kind of steel which is called as ‘free machining steels’ and its applications in engineering and industry.

What Is Free Machining Steel?

Image Source: Rcm Machines.

Machining operations are very important operations to obtain required shapes and parts from metals and other machinable materials. So, machiablity is very important parameter in terms of machining. Steels have also a specific type called ‘free machining steel’ that properties of that steel is improved to show very good machinablity. Alloying elements that are generally used in free machining steels are sulfur, lead, tin, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, and/or phosphorus. Lead is not used today because of health concerns. Machinability is improved in terms of lubricating the cutting operation, reducing friction betweeb tool and workpiece, and break up chips for easier disposal by adding these alloying elements to steel.

Free machining steels are more expensive compared with other steels, but the improved production rates pay itself with longer tool lifes also.

Other steel type that is generally used in sheetmetal applications is called as ‘interstitial-free steels’. You need to understand the effect of interstitial atoms to ductility with this article. These steels has very low carbon content inside them, and has alloying elements of nobium and titanium to create non-interstitial microstructure inside the atom. Because of the non-interstitial microstructure, ductility of interstitial-free steels is very good compared with other types of steels. Because of this feature of interstitial-free steels, they are used in deep-drawing operations.

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