Properties Of Maraging Steels And Applications

Steels are most common materials in engineering and industry. Steels has lots of kind of types today with changing alooying composition. With the changing alloying compositions, properties of steels are also changes. According to these properties, the application area of steels changes also. In this article, we will explain a very specific kind of steel that is called as ‘maraging’ steels.

What Is Maraging Steel?

Crankshaft application of maraging steel.

In maraging steels, nickel composition as alloying element is very high. The nickel composition in maraging steels can be high as 15-25%. Maraging steels are low carbon steels to obtain required properties. Less amount of cobalt, molybdenum and titanium are also added as alloying element into maraging steels. Precipitation hardening property of maraging steels is the most important property. But forming and machining is much more easy in unhardened condition. Heat treatment is also applied to maraging steels and very good toughness and strength is obtained. Tensile strength of maraging steels can be high as 2000 MPa, and 10% of elongation is general for maraging steels.

Typical applications of that specific kind of steel are machinery, missile parts, specific dies etc.

Because of these specific properties, maraging steels can find very common places in industry and engineering.

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