Properties Of Squeeze Casting Of Metals

In today’s manufacturing technology and techniques, it is usually hard to specify the type of a manufacturing technique is casting, forging or another kind of manufacturing technique. One of these manufacturing technique is squeeze casting. It can be called as casting ut it has very different process characteristics compared with other conventional casting methods. Lets take a look at these properties of squeeze casting method.

A very basic illustration of squeeze casting method(Source: Substech).

What Is ‘Squeeze Casting’ Actually?

If we take a look at the general process characteristics of squeeze casting method, there is two halves of mold just like die casting method. In terms of this aspect, squeeze casting can be said as it is a very similar process casting. But the great difference is, the molten metal is poured into one half of mold. After the pouring of molten metal, other half of mold is pressed onto the first half of mold. In terms of the pressing of mold after pouring of molten metal, squeeze casting is vert similar to forging processes.

Because of this hybrid characteristic of squeeze casting, it has advantages over the forging and casting processes.

Because the pressed metal is liquid, forging pressures anf forces of mold is much more lower than forging processes. Because of this property, squeeze casting is called as liquid metal forging method as well. But also, much more well surface characteristics can be obtained with squeeze casting method than forging of metals.

Also because the pressure application from one half of mold in squeeze casting method, the pressure leads to fill the all cavity inside mold with molten metal. So, very good details can be cast and very good surface characteristics and tolerances can be obtained wth squeeze casting method.

Which Metals Can Be Cast In Squeeze Casting Method?

Actually, all kinds of metals can be cast in squeeze casting method. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are generally cast with this method. But the us of non-ferrous metals are more common because of their low melting temperature. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are the most common metals that are cast by using squeeze casting method.

Production of parts for automotive industry is the biggest market for squeeze casting methods.

These are the most general characteristics of squeeze casting method that is used in metal production industry.

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