Quality Control In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a very extensive notion to explain. It includes various kinds of disciplines inside it. In an average manufacturing site, there are lots of departments to achieve the manufacturing of products. In a manufacturing of a part, manufacturing engineers design the required manufacturing process of the produced part. They calculate the required parameters according to the produced part. Process planning defines the ‘time’ of the manufacturing. There can be bunch of sub-processes in a manufacturing of a part, these processes take time according to their process parameters. Process planning department defines the whole process time in manufacturing. Process controllers control the process whether orıcess will be completed in defined time.

What Is Quality Control In Manufacturing?

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One of these departments is quality control department. Quality control department is directly related with the produced parts from a manufacturing process. Products are produced from a manufacturing process, but all the products will not be succesfuly produced. There will be defective products. These defective products must be in the tolerance value that defined by process planners. The quality depends on how small the defined tolerance. If you decrease the tolerance, defective products will increase. But if your manufacturing process is high quality, this quality can tolerate these small tolerances.

Quality control deparments in manufacturing sites deal with these kinds of topics. The quality of the produced products are measured, and products that lay outside of the defined tolerances will separated as defective products by quality control departments. So the percent of defective products are specified by them again, the quality of manufacturing process is defined in the defined product tolerances.

There are lots of product designs, process designs, controls etc are. done by separate departments, the result is calculated by quality control departments. So quality control department deals with the results from the manufacturing process. With the feedback of these informations from quality control departments to other departments, the manufacturign process can be developed or advanced.

The general logic of quality control departments in manufacturing facilities is like that.

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