Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring Systems

Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring Systems

There are various types of spring systems are developed throughout the design history. Leaf springs constitute a very important part of leaf spring systems that are generally used in heavy-duty systems. There is another type of leaf spring system that is called as quarter-elliptic leaf springs, 

To understand the general characteristics of the leaf spring systems, consider this given link to understand them. 

Technical Expression And Design Calculations Of Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Springs

Quarter-elliptic leaf springs are also called cantilevered leaf springs. So their numerical analysis can be made by consideration of the cantilevered systems. But some of the variables and geometric parameters must be defined; 

Schematic illustration of quarter-elliptic leaf springs(Image Source:D. K. Singh – Strength of Materials-Springer, 2020, pg.375).

Our first parameter is the applied load on the quarter-elliptic leaf spring, which is denoted as ‘W’ above. 

‘l’ is the length of the longest plate in the quarter-elliptic leaf spring system. 

‘t’ is the thickness of each leaf in the system. Each leaf is considered as same thickness. 

‘w’ is the width of each leaf. All the leaves are of the same thickness. 

The number of leaves in the quarter-elliptic leaf spring system is denoted with ‘n’. 

‘E’ is the elasticity modulus of the leaf spring material. 

Maximum Bending Stress On Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring

You can calculate the maximum bending stress on the quarter-elliptic leaf spring by using the calculator below. 

Bending Stress Calculator For Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring Systems

The use of the calculator above is very simple. You just need to enter the required values inside the brackets. Then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the maximum bending stress value. If you want to make another calculation, just click on ‘Reset’ then re-enter each value again. 

You can enter your values inside the brackets in the units recommended inside the parentheses. Also, you can use the MB Unit Converter tool to convert your units into other unit sets. 

Deflection Calculations Of The Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring Systems

Also, you can use the calculator below to calculate the deflection of a quarter-elliptic leaf spring system. 

Deflection Calculator For Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Spring Systems

Radius Of Curvature Calculation 

Under a specific load, the quarter-elliptic leaf spring system undergoes a specific bending. And each leaf inside the quarter-elliptic leaf spring system will have the same radius of curvature because of this bending stress. You can calculate this radius of curvature value of the quarter-elliptic leaf spring systems. 

Radius Of Curvature Calculator For Quarter-Elliptic Leaf Springs


The general expression of the quarter-elliptic leaf spring systems can be made like this.

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