Rankine(R) to Celsius(°C) and Celsius(°C) to Rankine(R) Temperature Conversion Tool

Rankine and Celsius temperature scales are the types of temperature scales from different units and different purposes. Temperature conversion between these temperature scales can be required. Here we prepared a Rankine to Celsius and Celsius to Rankine temperature scale converter tool.

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Rankine and Celsius Conversion Calculator

Rankine(R) to Celsius(°C) Converter

Celsius(°C) to Rankine(R)

The use of the Rankine and Celsius temperature conversion tool is very simpleç You just need to select the direction of temperature scale calculation; Rankine to Celsius or Celsius to Rankine. Then enter the required temperature value to be converted. Click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the converted temperature. 

This converter tool is very useful for people who are failing with engineering and scientific calculations. In the complex scientific and engineering calculations, there are lots of temperature conversions between Rankine and Celsius. You can use this Rankine and Celsius converter to convert the temperature values easily. 

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What is the Rankine Temperature Scale?

Rankine is the temperature scale that is used in English units as a scientific scale. Rankine is used as a scientific temperature scale because it is not calculated according to the boiling and freezing temperature of a fluid or substance. The absolute zero is the starting temperature of the Rankine Scale which is -273.15°C. The notation of Rankine is ‘R’. 

What is the Celsius Temperature Scale?

Celsius is the common temperature scale in the SI units. So, the usage and the unit systems of Celsius and Rankine are different from each other. The boiling point of the water in 1 atm is cınsidered as 100°C and the freezing point of water is considered as 0°C. The notation of the Celsius is °C. 

How is the Conversion between Rankine and Celsius?

The conversion between Rankine and Celsius is very simple. 

°C = (R – 491.61) × 5/9

To find the Celsius equivalent of a Rankine temperature, you need to subtract 491.61 from Rankine and multiply this value with 5/9. To make the opposite calculation, you need to divide the Celsius value with 5/9 and add 491.61 to it. 


The Rankine and Celsius converter are very simple to use and very useful. 

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