Rankine to Kelvin and Kelvin to Rankine Temperature Converter

Rankine and Kelvin temperature scales are the most used scientific temperature scales in different units. Most of the time, conversion between these temperature scales is required. So, to do this, we prepared a calculator that you can use in the conversions between these temperature ranges. 

Rankine to Kelvin converter.
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Rankine and Kelvin Converter

K to R Converter

Rankine to Kelvin Converter

The use of the Rankine and Kelvin converter tool is very simple. Firstly, you need to select the direction of conversion. And then enter the temperature value to be converted into another unit. After that, click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to convert to the corresponding temperature value. If you want to make another temperature conversion, just click on the ‘Reset’ button and re-enter another value. 

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Furthermore, this conversion tool is very useful for complex scientific calculations. So, scientific and engineering calculations are very complex that you may make multiple conversions. This conversion tool will be very good for you to make these conversions easily. 

What is the Rankine Temperature Scale?

The Rankine temperature scale is scientific in English units and is used in scientific and thermodynamical calculations. The reference zero point of the Rankine temperature scale is the absolute zero which is considered -273.15 Celsius. 

What is the Kelvin Temperature Scale?

The Kelvin temperature scale is the scientific temperature scale in SI units. Also, the Kelvin scale is the equivalent temperature scale of the Rankine in SI units. And also, absolute 0 is considered to be -273.15 Celsius.

How to Make Temperature Conversion between the Rankine and Kelvin?

The temperature conversions between them are very simple. 

K = °R × 5/9

So, according to this relation between them, if you multiply the Rankine temperature by 5/9, you will obtain the Kelvin equivalent temperature of it. In the opposite direction, you need to divide the Ktemperature by 5/9 to find the R equivalent of it. 


This converter is very useful and simple like above. 

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