Rectangular Array In Autocad Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

In this article, we will show you how to make rectangular arrays in Autocad with ‘Array’ command. It is very useful command that if you conside to make arrays with a selected feature in Autocad sketching. We expressed the rectangular array with a very basic example below.

How To Make Rectangular Arrays In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Array’ command in Autocad.

Making rectangular arrays in Autocad is very basic. To do it, click on ‘Array’ command as shown by red arrow above in Autocad interface.

Select the feature to make rectangular array from it in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Array’ command, click to select the feature or features to make rectangular arrays from them. After the selection is complete, right click on drawing scheme to start to create rectangular array in Autocad.

Click and drag from the handles in Autocad.

You can click on handles as shown by red arrows above and drag them to increase row or column number of instance in rectangular array.

Also you can adjust the spacings between instances by clicking and dragging the handles that shown by green arrows both horizontal and vertical directions in Autocad.

Adjust the rectangular array from ribbon menu of ‘Array’ command in Autocad.

You can adjust the spacings and the number of instances from ribbon bar above in ‘Array’ command.

You can define the column number, distance between the instances in vertical direction and the total distance that fulled with instances in vertical direction, from the section shown in green box above.

Also you can do these adjustments for horizontal direction from the section that is shown by red box above.

We are working in 2D sketchings in Autocad, from the section that is shown in blue box above, you can adjust the third dimension array values. You do not need to consider it in 2D sketchings in Autocad.

Select an another base point for rectangular array.

You can select an another base point as shown by green arrow above by clicking on ‘Base Point’ as shown by green arrow above in ‘Array’ command.  This can be very useful when you make your rectangular arrays according to another reference in Autocad sketching. You can place the base point on that reference, and you can adjust the array according to that reference.

Press Enter from your keyboard to complete the ‘Rectangular Array’ operation in Autocad.

The use of ‘Array’ command for rectangular arrays is like above. We can prepare more complex example about the use of ‘Array’ command in Autocad if you wish in comments below.

Leave your comments and questions below about the use of ‘Array’ command to obtain rectangular arrays in Autocad.


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