Responsiblities Of Production Planning And Control Departments

Manufacturing  of a part or verious parts is very complex thing. This complexity can not be solved by an one department or employee type. Every product has its own manufacturing process design, they can have same manufacturing process but the parameters can be very different. In design process of manufacturing processes, manufacturing engineers are designing the various parameteres according to the produced products. But also there is an another issue that the manufacturing phase of it. Manufacturing processes can be very complex that the maintenance of these processes can be very woeful.

What Are the Duties Of Production Planning And Control Departments?

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Maintenance is very important for manufacturing processes. Manufacturing processes includes various kinds of machinery, electronics, operators, labor-force etc. Managing these kinds of phenomenons in the phase of manufacturing is very important for succesful manufacturing. These kinds of work is generally done by Production Planning And Control Departments of facilities.

There is a ‘time’ span of production of a certain part, and this is called as ‘task’ that it needed to be done on time. This planning is done by planning departments according to the various parameters, and that planning is not artificially produced. The ‘time’ of production is calculated with complex mathmematics. And for each manufacturing type and products type, the calculation of this ‘time’ changes.

So, ‘time’ is calculated. To achieve this time, a strict control on process in manufactuing phase is very important. Each parameters and phenomenons to achieve this ‘time’ is very important. And this is done by control departments of facilities.

Manufacturing engineering, production planning, and process control departments must work in harmony to achive the ideal serial production of a certain product in a manufacturing facility. Each of these departments and jobs in a manufacturing facility plays a significant role to achive succesful production.

This can be very basic explanation of production planning and control departments in manufacturing facilities.

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