Rotating Objects In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

We will show how to rotate features and geometries in Autocad with ‘Rotate’ command. It is very simple process in Autocad and we will explain this phenomenon in this article with a very basic example.

How To Use ‘Rotate’ Command In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Rotate’ command in Autocad.

To rotate objects in Autocad, click on ‘Rotate’ command as shown by red arrow above.

Select the objects that needed to be rotated in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Rotate’ command in Autocad, select the required sketches and objects as shown above.

Select the rotation corner.

After the selection of required sketches to rotate in Autocad, right click on screen to end the geometry selection, then click to select the corner or feature as shown by red arrow above that the whole geometry will rotate around it.

Rotate the selected geometry.

You can rotate the selected geometry around selected reference point with your mouse.

If you click on ‘Copy’ option as shown by red box above, the main geometry will not dissappear. Otherwise the main geometry will be rotated then the first position of main geometry will be lost.

Also you can enter a angle value to rotate the geometry as shown by red arrow above.

If you select the ‘Reference’ option in Rotate command, the angle of dashed line that you use for rotation will be changed according to the angle value that you entered.

Entered 30 degrees to ‘Reference’ option in ‘Rotate’ command.

For example, we entered angle value 30, and you can see the change of angle as shown by green arrow above.

So rotating objects in Autocad is very easy like that with ‘Rotate’ command.

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