Ryobi Router Table Review and Comparison

Routers are very important tools for woodworking. And if you use the routers with router tables, you will get much better performance from them. Here we explain and review the Ryobi router table for you. You can find all the important information and advantages of this product. If you are looking for router tables, you need to read this review.

Ryobi Universal Router Table

Ryobi is one of the most important power tool manufacturers and sellers in the US. And router tables of the Ryobi are one of the most common tables that are used by wood workers. What makes these tables and tools special? Here we will take a basic look at the Ryobi router tables.

Ryobi Adjustable Fence Router Table

Ryobi Adjustable Fence Router Table

  • Corded electric power.
  • Adjustable fence with joining capabilities.
  • Built-in vacuum part that accommodates the 1-1/4 in or 2-1/2 in.
  • Comes with 3 years of Ryobi warranty.

One of the most important features that we expect from the router tables, they must be compatible with all the router manufacturers and brands. And the Ryobi router table is compatible with nearly all the common router brands in general.

With the 5 throat plates and integrated vacuum part, it will be very easy for you to use in wood working applications. This Ryobi router range includes;

  • A mite gauge that allows for the miter cuts.
  • 5 of throat plates.
  • A straight pin.
  • Hardware to attach the router machines to the router table.
  • Feather board.

But we need to compare the Ryobi router table to see the generally important features and advantages.

Universal and Pre-Drilled Holes

There are different kinds of pre-drilled holes for other router brands. So, you can use other brands’ routers on that table.

Easy to Setup

The setup of the device is best for beginners. You just need to assemble the different parts to obtain the total system.

Alternatives to Ryobi Router Table

There are also other alternatives to the Ryobi router table from other known brands such as Bosch and SKIL. We can take a look at the other router tables to compare with the Ryobi.

Ryobi versus Bosch RA1141 Router Table

Bosch Portable Router Table

Bosch Portable Router Table

  • Portable folding legs design.
  • Easy router mounting system.
  • MDF top.
  • On-board storage.

Bosch is also another important router table manufacturer. And there are different kinds of router table models that they are serving to the market. If we take a look at the important properties of Bosch;

  • The portability of the Bosch is a very important advantage over the Ryobi. So, it provides a much better portable for narrow places and workshops. It also has folding legs that you can easily adjust the height of the router table.
  • The Bosch router table has a laminated MDF top which is the same as the Ryobi. So, you can easily obtain accurate cutting results with these two tables in general.
  • Also, Bosch provides an onboard storage unit. You can easily place the drill bits and other router machine bits without any problem.
  • No assembly is required for the Bosch. But in the Ryobi router table, you need to make an assembly according to the page. So, if you do not want to deal with the assembly of the router table, you can decide on the Bosch.
  • Both of the tools have adjustable tables and fences which is important for different cuts in woodworking.
  • Starter pins and guards of the Bosch router table provide easier control of the curved workpieces. This is another important advantage of the Bosch over the Ryobi.

Bosch comes with;

  • A benchtop router table
  • Adjustable featherboard
  • Mounting plate insert rings
  • Clear guard for adjusting the wooden parts
  • Starter pin and guard
  • Fence shims for out feeding
  • Router mounting hardware

Bosch vs. Ryobi in Price

These two router tables have similar prices. But if we add other kinds of parameters above, the winner of this round is the Bosch router table.

  • You can buy a Ryobi router table for $169 from Home Depot.
  • Bosch router tables are startşng from $159 with a discount of $179.

And also, you can check the other tools of Bosch to compare with each other;

  • Bosch RA1171
  • Bosch RA1181

Ryobi versus SKIL Router Tables

SKIL Portable Router Table

SKIL Portable Router Table

  • Two featherboards.
  • Bait storage unit.
  • Above tablşe adjustment.

SKIL is another important router table manufacturer. This is the router table that the SKIL brand provides for the market. There are also pros and cons of this router table in general.

  • Two feather boards are an important advantage over the Ryobi. You can deal with different kinds of work at the same time. Also, Bosch provides two feather boards.
  • Integrated bit storage units provide extra storage for the different kinds of router machine bits. But Ryobi does not have that storage.
  • If we compared it to Ryobi, the Ryobi router table provides a wider working station for bigger workpieces in general.
  • 16×24 inches aluminum fence provides a larger stock working capacity.
  • Also, you can easily clamp the router machine with the router clamp.
  • It comes with 1 year of manufactırer warranty which Ryobi is better in this case.

Prices of Ryobi and SKIL

SKIL is much cheaper than the Ryobi router table. Ryobi is $169 and the SKIL is $139 which is a discount of $149. In terms of the price, the winner of the round is SKIL. But Ryobi provides 3 years of warranty. And the size of the table is much bigger than the SKIL.


As you see above, there are other different alternatives that you can select instead of the Ryobi. But in terms of the quality and lifespan of the materials, Ryobi generally better than the other brands. You can understand it from they are providing 3 years of Ryobi warranty.

These are the general points that we can state about the Ryobi router tables. So, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about this tool.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.


What routers work with the Ryobi router table? 

According to the statement that Ryobi makes, nearly all the router brands can work with the Ryobi router tables. Because it is universal that you can easily attach different kinds of routers.

Can you use a Ryobi plunge router on a router table? 

Yes, it is possible to attach a plunge router to the Ryobi universal router table. And you can work with this contraption safely.


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