Salaries of Mechanical Engineering Positions In The US

There are millions of engineers willing to work in the US because of high salaries in US Dollar currency and other reasons. Engineers are generally gain required experiences in their own countries to be eligible specialist engineers in a specific area. They use this experience and knowledge to find the best-fit job for themselves in the US or other developed countries like Germany or the UK. 

In the US, experienced engineers can also find the most advanced studies and works in the world, to add this knowledge and experience to themselves. This makes them one of the most wanted engineers in their specific areas, in the world. For example, if you are working in a factory as a mechanical engineer, you can find a job in the US same position. And probably, your knowledge will enhance because of the latest methods and technologies are used in US factories and industries. Maybe you can turn to your country back as a manager, to implement your enhanced experience and knowledge. 

Mechanical Engineering In The World

Mechanical engineering may be the most fundamental discipline around engineering topics. There are lots of kinds of sub-categories of mechanical engineering, which we can make a salary analysis in the US separately. First of all, let’s take a look at the sub-categories of sub-branches of mechanical engineering. 

  • Design engineer: Or mechanical design engineer who is designing physical products or parts according to mechanical engineering design principles, such as the strength of materials. 
  • Manufacturing Engineer: Most of the manufacturing engineers are graduated from mechanical engineering faculties. They are dealing with the manufacturing of goods in factory sites, by implementing the manufacturing techniques and by developing them also. 
  • Materials engineer: Materials science is a very important branch of mechanical engineering. They are generally responsible for selecting and developing required materials in required characteristics and properties for different projects. 
  • Installation engineer: In modern society, there are lots of kinds of infrastructures such as sewage systems, gas installations, freshwater installations, electrical installations… There are lots of mechanical engineers are dealing with the design and implementation of these systems. 
  • Quality and control engineer: In a manufacturing site, produced products must be of specific standards and qualities. These standards can be decided by customers or countries. In the market, there are lots of mechanical engineers that are working in quality and control departments of institutions and factories. 

These are the positions that most mechanical engineers are working in in different companies. So, we can analyze the salaries that these specific positions can earn in the US.

Design Engineer Salaries In The US

Design engineers are generally employed in the R&D departments of companies to design the components of products. Maybe this branch of mechanical engineering is the most joyful one around others. 

According to the Indeed data, design engineers are earning around 77000$ per year. But, you need to consider the seniority in this job. If you have 5 years of experience in design engineering, you may receive a much more salaries. 

Manufacturing Engineer Salaries In The US

Manufacturing engineers may be the most employed branch of mechanical engineering. In a standard factory or manufacturing site, there are lots of manufacturing engineers are employed. Again, the salaries depend on the experience in the same field. For example, you can be a 5S expert or occupational health and safety expert. According to Glassdoor data, the average salary of manufacturing engineers in the US is around 78000$. If you are a new starter in your career in the US, you can receive a little bit less from that value. 

Materials Engineer Salaries In The US

In this branch of mechanical engineering, we would like to share information about the entry-level salaries. If you are employed as a materials scientist or materials engineer in the US, you can earn around 61000$ per year according to CollageGrad data. Like the other branches, you can earn much more of it. 

Installation Engineer Salaries In The US

Installation engineers are generally working as project-based. For example, your company or you get the business of implementing a natural gas installation of a building. You will probably have an agreement. And as an installation engineer, you can be in a position of signature of approval or system designer. If you are a system designer in a project, you can earn up to 85000$ per year according to Glassdoor data. If you are employed as an approval engineer, you can make a pie from the agreed price which will be more profitable in many cases. 

Quality and Control Engineer Salaries In The US

This branch of mechanical engineering may be the least type of employment of engineers. This can be a great opportunity for you to find a job and this is a very joyful position in different departments of manufacturing sites. Again, according to Glassdoor data, the average salaries of quality and control engineers may be up to 71464$. 

Comparison With The EU?

In the US, engineers are earning much more than the EU because of the taxation systems. But in general, jobs in the US will be much more busy and intensive and working hours can be quite longer than in the EU. If you are searching for a more comfortable job life, you can prefer the EU… 


As you see above, the US is still the land of opportunities… You can earn what you deserve in the US regardless of the type of position in mechanical engineering. And there are lots of kinds of job opportunities in each state of the US because of very powerful heavy industry. 

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