Scaling Objects In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to scale objects to much more bigger or smaller sizes in Autocad with ‘Scale’ command. It is very easy process in Autocad and this article explains the use of ‘Scale’ command with a very basic example.

How To Use ‘Scale’ Command In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Scale’ command in ‘Modify’ menu.

To scale objects or geometries in Autocad to bigger or smaller sizes, click on ‘Scale’ command at ‘Modify’ menu as shown by red arrow above.

Select the objects to ‘scale’ in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Scale’ command in Autocad, select the required geometries and sketches as above to scale.

Specify the base point to scale.

After selecting the required sketches and objecs to scale, right click on screen to end the objects selection, then click to select a point that will be the base point of scale operation as shown by red arrow above.

Specify the scaling factor in Autocad.

You can scale your geometry with mouse manually or you can enter a scale factor that the main geometry will be scaled with that number.

If you click on ‘Copy’ option as shown by green arrow above, the main geomery will not be deleted. Otherwise it will be deleted.

Scaled and copied object in Autocad.

Scaling and copying objects is very simple like that in Autocad with ‘Scale’ command.

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